#TPThursday — December 6th, 2012 — Buddha Travel Shots From Across Asia

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. For the first #TPThursday of December, we’re having a snowy, rainy, and all around nasty evening here in Daejeon. I’m  dreaming of warmer climes right now, and thought a tour of a few of the many Buddha’s I’ve encountered on my travels throughout Asia would be a good theme this week. Enjoy a few of my favorite Buddhas shots, both past and recent. 

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Ayutthaya, Thailand ( UNESCO heritage site)

Ayutthaya, Thailand


Buddha’s Head at Ayutthaya, Thailand

This is probably one of the most photographed Buddha’s at this world heritage site. Sitting in the base of a bodhi tree, it’s all that’s left of an ancient statue. There are loads of signs telling people/photographers what you can and cannot do. For example, you shouldn’t stand over the Buddha when takina photo.

Buddha's Head..... Ayutthaya,Thailand


Lining the walls of one of the main halla at Jakawngsa here in Daejeon.

Buddha Statues


Reclining Buddha, Luang Prabang, Laos


Reclining Buddha, Luang Prabang


At a temple in Bangkok…


Be a Light Within Yourself.....Buddha


Buddha Garden, Bago, Myanmar…rows and rows of sitting Buddhas…


Buddha Garden, Bago, Myanmar


One of a number of reclining Buddha’s in Bago, Myanmar…


Reclining Buddha's Head, Bago, Myanmar


…and its feet…


Reclining Buddha, Bago, Myanmar



Garden Buddha, Chiang Mai


Garden Buddha, Chiang Mai


Have you visited any of these Buddhas in your travels? Which is your favorite?


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  1. LOVE the first Buddha and actually it gets me wondering when you got interested in photography. You’ve got so many impossibly wonderful shots that you keep pulling out of your hat. And I bet you’re on the final countdown to Thailand. Cold will soon be a distant memory.

    • Hi Leigh, Thanks!

      I remember taking a B&W photography course back in high school or university. We even learned the dark room. Loved it, but did not pursue photography beyond having a point and shoot camera. Bought my first digital in 2002 and have been taking photos ever since. 🙂

  2. This is such a great collection of Buddhas. I love the reclining ones. I can’t imagine how immense these must look in person. I haven’t been fortunate to see any one of these but I would love to soon. I’ve only seen the Kamakura Buddha in Japan. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Nancie!

    • Hi Mary. Myanmar is the place for reclining Buddhas, and the are all HUGE!

  3. I don’t specifically remember the Buddhas from my visit to Ayutthaya over 15 years ago, but I do know that visiting the ancient ruins is one of my standout travel memories. It’s the place I recommend for anyone headed to Bangkok. As always, lovely photos. (And I could do with a bit of winter chill down here in Penang.)

    • Me too, Ayutthaya was wonderful.

    • Michele, we are still in the deep freeze here and it’s icy to boot. Gotta love living in a country that has winter, but no snow removal! I’ve been to Ayutthaya twice and would go back again.

  4. I have seen the reclining buddha at Luang Prabang, and I would love to see the one at Ayutthaya, the Garden Buddha in Chiang Mai, and the colourful buddhas in Myanmar.

  5. I love the sunset (sunrise?) behind the reclining Buddha in Myanmar.

  6. Lovely, lovely post, Nancie. Great images. Clearly I need to get back to Asia!

    • Cindy, do come back. Let me know when you do, and we can meet-up!

  7. Such beautiful photos, Nancie! The one with the tree growing around the Buddha’s head is so interesting. I wonder how many years it took for that to happen?

    • Hi Lisa, not sure how long, but it has been there for quite a while. From what I understand it is the head from a very old statue.

  8. So beautiful… That head encased in the tree is simply genial 🙂

  9. Looooovveeeee the tree one!!!!!

  10. I love seeing photos of impressive Buddhas! As you already know, I haven’t been able to make it to a Asia yet, so I love seeing all these Eastern pictures 🙂

    – Maria Alexandra
    the nomadic translator

  11. You’re so right, Nancie. I can feel the warmth from these, and am wriggling my toes in appreciation right now. I’ve just come back from a woodland walk in the snow, thermals and all.
    I wasn’t familiar with this photo challenge but saw it on Debbie’s Rostock post so thought I’d explore. Have you photoshopped that last shot? The pink wall is surreal. Beautiful photos and I hope to join in soon.

    • Welcome Johanna! I’ll look forward to you joining us.

      No photoshop on the last photo. It was taken very early in the morning, and the light was magical.

  12. thank you for a reminder of some of my favorite spots in Asia. I haven’t been to Myanmar and would love to go, but hope to see more change first.

  13. Hi all, We are on the road today so will review all the great entries tomorrow – can hardly wait to see them

  14. These are all gorgeous! I love the one in the tree and can see why there’d be so many requirements for taking its photo.
    I wonder if having all those images of Buddha around deters wrongdoers.

  15. I can see why the Buddha at Ayutthaya is so popular! It is very beautiful and interesting. How big is the Buddha in Myanmar? Its feet are huge!

    • Debbie, all of the reclining Buddha’s in Myanmar were huge. I felt very tiny standing next to them, and I’m 5’9″!

  16. I love all of these photos. Very nice! I am hoping to visit Thailand in 2013. 🙂

    • Michael, a first visit to Asia is always exciting. I hope your itinerary includes Thailand.

  17. Love the tree Buddha! Love, love!

  18. Those hundreds of small Buddhas at Daejeon looks a bit like it’s going to be an optical illusion. I’m wondering if I stare at it for five minutes if anything will appear 😉


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