#TPThursday — December 19, 2012 — A Christmas Travel Wish

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Welcome to the final Travel Photo Thursday before Santa fills his sleigh and takes off with all the reindeer to leave gifts and a bit a magic for kids of all ages. Like many people, I’ll be traveling this holiday season. I leave for Bangkok tomorrow. I can’t believe only one more sleep. My wish for all of  us is safe travels and a happy holiday season. Let’s remember our blessings as the holidays descend upon us.

I don’t trim my apartment, but Rudolph always has a spot of honor in my home. The other night I did his annual wind-up, and guess what?…at 66 he’s still playing that famous song. I think he’s a bit slow these days, but the tune is still there. Give this cute fella a birthday wish!


Then of course, there is the beautiful Indy. Her vacation also started this week and she traveled to the apartment of two teachers who will be looking after for the winter. Merry Christmas Kim and Ellie, and a big THANKYOU!!


Tomorrow evening I will arrive in Bangkok, one of my favorite cities, at around 11pm. I’ll just be there long enough to get a bit of sleep, and then it’s onto Hua Hin. By late Friday afternoon, I plan to be walking on this beautiful beach.

Fun on Hua Hin Beach


May the light of the season shine brightly on you all…

Frosty at the Emporium in Bangkok


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  1. Thanks for the snowman greeting, he is very festive. Indy seems at peace with the camera, I can never get a good photo of my cat Willow because whenever I produce the camera she either looks the other way, gets up, or looks stressed, and who wants a photo of a stressed cat anyway. Rudolph is a real miracle still churning out the song at his age. Happy Birthday Rudolph. Have a Happy Christmas time at Hua Hin Nancie!

    • Thank you, Jan and Merry Christmas to you. Are you traveling, or at home this holiday season?

      • We will be at home for Christmas Day which we will spend with our families (23) for lunch, at my sister-in-laws place. If the weather co-operates after that Marty and I will take our caravan and boat up to Taylor’s Beach about 2 hours north. A snorkelling trip to Orpheus Island is on the cards once again if the weather is good. Enjoy Hua Hin.

  2. You must be so excited to be on break and getting some warmth and sunshine in Thailand. Happy Birthday to Rudolp who’s still going strong. What a beautiful shot of Indy! Have a great holiday, Nancie! Happy Holidays!!

    • Merry Christmas, Mary! Yes, Indy is a beauty! Loved walking out into the warmth of Thailand after the cold of Korea!

  3. Such a gorgeous cat, Indy!

    It’s freezing up here, so a tad envious of you being on that beach in Hua Hin. All the best for Christmas, Nancie 🙂

    • Merry Christmas, Sophie! Sending some virtual warmth your way!

  4. Christmas on the beach? I am jealous.

  5. I hope Rudolph leads you safely there and back! Enjoy the holidays!

  6. Enjoy your beach vacation!

    • Thank you, Jessica! There is nothing like the feel of white sand on my toes!

  7. Indy reminds me of one of my cats. Does she like spending so much time with other people? (^_^)

    Merry Christmas!

    • Indy is okay being with other people. It usually takes her a couple of days to warm up, but then all is okay. Everyone loves her, so that helps!

  8. Your Rudolph is a sweetheart. . .bet he’ll be going strong for many more years. Safe travels to you and Merry Christmas. I look forward to reading your posts~

  9. Good ole Rudolph!! They don’t make them like they used to do they!
    I’m sure you’ll miss Indy but it sounds as though she is being well cared for. Best wishes for a great Xmas and New Year. Have a great holiday Nancie.

  10. Your Rudolph is still handsome at 66!
    That’s a beautiful beach to spend your holidays. I just got back from a few weeks in NYC — it wasn’t that cold, but feeling the sun on my face when I returned was a lovely. Hope you have a great Christmas, Nancie. Best wishes for the New Year.

  11. Merry Christmas to you too Nancie!

    I’m another who thinks your beach picture looks wonderful! It turned a bit cold here the last few days.

  12. Enjoy your beach vacation- I just got back from Maui and I have to admit, a beach vacation should be on everyone’s Christmas list! 🙂

  13. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the holidays. I’m looking forward to my son and his new fiancee coming home, good food and some skiing. Happy holidays Nancie.

  14. Lovely Christmas post, Nancie. Safe travels and happy holidays to you! You said it so well — we need to count our blessings especially this time of year.

  15. I sometimes dream of just blowing off everyone and going someplace warm and sunny for Christmas. But I’ll probably never do it. maybe one day we’ll fly off somewhere on the 26th!

  16. Happy holidays to everyone. Today I’m sharing travel photos from my personal Christmas cards.
    And Nancy–sounds like you’ll have a wonderful Christmas. And I’m in awe of that 66-year-old Rudolph!

    Sorry I’m late to the party today, but my post took longer than I thought it would. I hope all of you will manage to get my Christmas greetings before the big day.

  17. Safe travels and have a wonderful holiday season!!

  18. Enjoy the holidays in warm Thailand, Nancie 🙂 Safe travels and happy holidays to you and everyone!

  19. Hua Hin looks nice. Are you going to ride the horse? And I’m so glad that Rudolph still performs.

  20. Rudolph is looking great at 66! Hope you enjoy Thailand. After a lifetime of hot Christmas’ I’m enjoying my second white Christmas. Last year we spent Christmas in Bulgaria, this year we’re in Canada, although we did make it home to Australia first this year for a few weeks of warmth. Glad we did because Canada is certainly turning on the cold for us. Enjoy that Thai sunshine and send just a little this way please … but not too much, I’d like the snow to stick around. Just a couple of hours of sunshine please!


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