Through the Sandbox Lens #55 — Mabul Island Bliss and A Travel Photo Contest

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Mabul is a fabulous little island just off of the town of Semporna in Malaysia’s Sabah. People come here for the world class diving and snorkeling. This includes the world renown Sipidan Island. As you can see from this shot, white sand beaches are also part of the itinerary. I recently entered this shot in a competition to win a photography tour to China. If you like this shot, I’d really appreciate your vote. You can do that here.



Travelers Tip

If you travel to Mabul with the intent to dive or snorkel at Sipidan, it’s important to know that only a certain number of divers and snorkels are allowed in the area daily. Also, you cannot stay on Sipidan. During the busy time of the year you can with three or four days for a spot. 

You can vote for my photo here.


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  1. Wow! Is that beautiful or what?!

  2. Thanks so much, Jackie. I hope you followed the link and voted 🙂

  3. You are the good photographer 🙂

  4. The sand and the beach looks so amazing!

  5. I like how the photo is simplistic, yet it really portrays a feeling of peacefulness and calm.

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