Through the Sandbox Lens #48 –Chiang Mai — Chilling at the Local Temple

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Featured, Thailand - Chiang Mai, Through the Sandbox Lens | 4 comments

Took this wonderful shot with my Iphone as I was walking past my neighborhood temple. There are so many beautiful cats here in Chiang Mai. Doesn’t he look comfy and happy? I wouldn’t mind being a temple cat the next time around 🙂

Hanging Out at the Temple in Chiang Mai

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  1. Nancie, I love this shot. Of course, I love any photo with a cat in it, but I particularly love it when they appear to be so blissfully unconcerned with the world around them.

    • Thanks, Jackie! I think this was one of those “in the right place” moment shots!

  2. What a cute little creature. So overwhelming to see this cat looks so happy by just playing around.

  3. Cat’s do the funniest and cutest things, don’t they. I never get tired of seeing their pictures.

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