Through the Sandbox Lens, #30, Buddhism Meets Technology in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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I took this shot last winter at a temple in Chiang Mai. This young monk was so intent on whatever was happening on his cell phone I’m sure he had no idea that I took this photo. These days its quire common to see Monks walking around with the latest gadgets. I wonder what the Buddha would say about monks using all the latest technology; a long way from the traditional “begging” bowl.

Buddhism Meets Technology

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. A deplorable sign of our times.Buddha would not be pleased, I’m sure.

  2. Cool shot and caption. Great details in this shot.

  3. Great picture, I love it 🙂

  4. Even monks have to live in the present, no?

  5. Fantastic picture Nancie. He has a great look of intensity.
    So many cultures like his are caught and yet how can we not appreciate that they want to feel just as connected as we do. Saw the same thing with the Masai on the Serengeti – didn’t see cellphones – but this was a few years ago – but saw so many young men in the cities and they loved computers as much as we do.

  6. Hehe. Great capture.

  7. Sweet! Proof that a teenager will always be a teenager!

  8. What a great image of tradition meeting technology.

  9. love this – his intense look!

  10. What a wonderful shot! Nice job.

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