Through the Sandbox Lens #3 — A View Through Buddha’s Arm

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Taken in Bago, Myanmar, a small town about an hour’s bus ride out of Yangon. If you like temples and Buddhist architecture, then Bago is not to be missed. The town is also close to Myanmar’s famed “Golden Rock”. You can easily arrange transportation from the town.


First, you will be “met” by locals before your bus comes to a complete stop. They’re looking to take you to your hotel and hopefully be your guide around town. Personally, I keep my bag with me. If someone grabs it from me, I grab back. I never do the motorcycle taxi. If you do, great, but I don’t. The guy I hired had a 3-wheel cart attached to his motorcycle. He immediately wanted me to hire him as a tour guide. I agreed, and was very clear that I did not want a tour on the back of a motorcycle. He said that it would be the “3 wheel cart”. We agreed on a price of $10.00. Of course, he was “stretching the truth”. To make a long story short, when he picked me up for the tour I was informed that the “3 wheel cart” would be $12.00……… sorry. Just be aware that you almost never get the truth from these guys. For two dollars it wasn’t worth getting upset. The tour was great.

Secondly, if you leave Bago by bus, be careful. The people selling bus tickets will tell you what you want to here (sound familiar). I was very clear that I wanted a bus with AC, since I was going to be on the bus for nine hours. After a two hour wait they tried to put me on a bus with people sitting in the aisles and definitely no air-con. The woman who I bought the ticket from refused to refund my money. I finally did end up on an air-con bus, but only after purchasing a second ticket from another bus company. The second bus was only marginally more comfortable than the first one, but the air con did work!

Don’t get me wrong here. The Burmese people are lovely. However, they are very poor and they have no problem “stretching the truth”, if they think it means some much needed cash in their pockets.

You can found out more about Bago here.

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