Through the Sandbox Lens #29, Gas Prices at the Korean Pump May 20th, 2011

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I don’t drive in Korea. The last time I was behind the wheel was five years ago in Nova Scotia. I rented a car for the month that I was home and remember filling the car up; $70.00 Cdn. I was shocked. When I had left Canada 5 years earlier I could fill my Mazda for $32.00Cdn, and it would be hard on empty. Fast forward, and 5 years later I’m getting ready to head home for a visit (CANNOT WAIT). Even though I don’t drive here, I do have a Korean driver’s license. Last Friday (May 20th) I headed off to the Driver’s License Agency in Daejeon and obtained an International Driver’s Licence. What a bargain that was at $7000KRW (approx. $8.00US). On the way back home I started thinking about gas prices. I took this shot at a KS Gas Station. Korean’s are paying approximately $1.88/liter for gas these days. How does that compare to your country?

Luckily for budget travelers, the cost of public transportation here in Korea is still very affordable. I can take the fast train (KTX) to Seoul for a little more than $20.00 one way, or a bus for just over $10.00.

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  1. It’s currently about $4.25/gallon in Los Angeles, California, USA. (I think that’s about $1.12/liter but since I’m American I don’t really understand how the rest of the world works!)

  2. Haha Michael. Canada used to be on the Imperial system with the U.S. We changed to metric because the US was changing…….well you know that never happened. I am still not completely comfortable with metric.

    If our math is right here, then gas in Korea is more expensive then in LA.

  3. Well, petrol and diesel prices are high in the UK but they’re higher in Turkey. About $2-$2.50 per litre. Same as Korea though, we can use public transport for very cheap prices in comparison.

  4. It may seem odd, considering Norway is the world’s third largest oil exporter; up here petrol is about USD 2.75 per litre.

    • Yes, you would think oil would be cheaper. Then again, look at Canada. Gas prices in Alberta (where the oil is) are much cheaper than provinces that don’t have any oil, like my province Nova Sootia. The fact that we are all the same country doesn’t seem to matter.

  5. @Michael @Julia @ Sophie….

    It finally dawned on me that one of the reasons that gas prices are high here in Korea is that the country has to import all of its gas/oil. Korea has almost no natural resources of any kind.

  6. Wow, looking at the other comments, we’ve got it good. In the Toronto area of Canada right now, it is $1.27 per liter

    • That’s fantastic! I hope prices are similar in Nova Scotia.

  7. We are getting very close to US$ 10/gallon here in the Netherlands (€ 1,76 or US$ 2.46/liter). Second most expensive in the world now, only after Turkey. A full tank in my car costs me just under US$ 150.

    Same message here: Public transport is usually less expensive than driving, although I wouldn’t call it cheap. Transport is expensive!

    • That’s outrageous! I’m really looking forward to driving in this summer, but not the fill-up at the pump. It won’t be $150.00, but it will be high.

  8. Visited Brunei a couple of months ago – gas was ~$0.35 per litre!

    • Now, that’s more like it!

  9. I can’t believe how expensive petrol is in the USA. Shocked to read the price – used to be so cheap. Petrol here has dropped in price for the third time in two weeks. First lot of reductions since September last year. Price as of today: US $1.72 per litre.

    • That’s still high, but nice to hear that it’s dropping.

  10. Vancouver tends to have high gas prices because of a carbon tax. They also go up during the day and down after about 9pm – a cent or two a liter. Last night they were $1.36/L.
    Can’t get over some of those European prices.

    • Nova Scotia is probably higher than Vancouver. I really have to get my head out of the sand and check prices before I rent a car (even though I am going to rent one regardless of the price!)

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