Through the Sandbox Lens #25 — Free Chinese Opera and a Numb Bum

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On one of my last evenings in Chiang Mai I learned that the Thai-Chinese community were staging a Chinese opera, and it was free. In fact, I believe there may have been performances over three or four nights. The opera was staged at an outdoor venue next to the Ping River. I happily sat down in the front row and snapped away for two hours. The colorful costumes and energy of the cast more than made up for the fact that (of course) the performance was in Chinese. I finally left after about two hours, although the performance was still going strong. “Numb Bum Syndrome” had sat in.

Chinese Opera in Chiang Mai

Quality, free Chinese opera was a fantastic opportunity to experience Thai-Chinese culture, while keeping the budget intact.

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  1. what an awesome experience. I am guessing you don’t speak Chinese? Must be such an experience living there and getting a chance to see all these cultural things that are so different to here.

    • No, I don’t speak a word of Chinese. Actually, two words….Nihow (Hello). and ShaSha (Thank you) 🙂 It’s fun to figure out what’s going on from the back drops, and when they’re having a war it’s kind of easy to know what’s going on :):)

  2. cool photos, the opera was free? you are very lucky

  3. That’s fascinating – would love to see that – and so great that it was free!

    • I loved every second, and the free part was a bonus. I would have paid had they been charging admission.

  4. “Numb-bum”…at first I thought this was some kind of SE asian potsticker.

  5. I remember once sitting through St Matthew’s Passion… thought my legs were going to drop off.

    Love the make-up!

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