Through the Sandbox Lens #14 — It’s a Masked Man…………NO! It’s a………………

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Puppets for sale at the 39th Andong Mask Dance Festival. For $12.00 you can take home your favorite character. I was tempted, but I liked so many of them that it ended up to be an exercise in procrastination. I walked away happy with beautiful colorful photos that only cost me my time!

Puppets for Sale -- Andong Mask Dance Festival

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  1. Love the photo, I can see how it would be difficult to choose.

  2. Do the puppets represent the way the dancers in the festival will dress? I love the photo. I would have landed up buying two or three of them!

    • Hi Kerry,

      Yes, each on is a character in the traditional mask dance.

  3. I really like the surprised looking one – third from the right.

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