Through the Sandbox Lens #12 — Japanese Fans

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Japanese Fans

The Japanese love their fans, and they are well used during the sweltering summer heat. The average temperature while I was traveling around was between 35 and 40 Celsius. Definitely, fan weather.

I was surprised to discover that fan making is very much a cottage industry. In Kyoto I visited several small shops where fans were being made at the back. I was also told that many people produce fans in their homes.

This shot was taken in a fan shop in Kyoto. All of the fans were produced in a small area at the back of the shop. Budget travelers looking to bring souvenirs home will find fans to be a great option. Even the least expensive are well made.

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  1. Cool shot Nancie… the spotlights worked for you!

  2. I love my Japanese fan!

  3. As you know, fans are also very popular here. During the summer I never leave home without one of mine.

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