Three Dollar French Fries with a Million Dollar View

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From Queensland Beach I meandered down a windy secondary road that passes through a number of picturesque coves, eventually ending up at Bayswater Beach. Bayswater also boasts lovely white sand, and offers a longer walk and meander along the North Atlantic shore. Welcome to week 292 (9/1/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. Sorry that we missed last week, but an unexpected overnight in Shanghai, and not being able to scale the Great Firewall of China put a damper on any plans to post.  I hope you enjoy Bayswater Beach and the french fries as much as I did.

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Although the beach is right on the road there is a line of trees and a swath of grass that provides some privacy for those swimming and sunbathing.

Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


Bayswater Beach

As you can see the fog had lifted by the time I arrived, and things were starting to heat up.


Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


I think this photo proves that it is summertime…


Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


Sheila’s I Canteen

I was eager to eat at Sheilas I Canteen, which was celebrating 25 years in business. I had actually passed Sheilas II in Queensland. Opps, there was one slight problem. I had no cash on me. Never go on road trip in rural Nova Scotia without some cash. The closest ATM was at least an hour away. I managed to scrape around and found 3 bucks, which was enough for a small bag of french fries. The delicious sounding seafood would have to wait for another day.


Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


They really were as good as they look!


Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


I ate at the picnic park across the street from the beach. Fires were banned because of severe dry conditions (not that I wanted a fire!), and serious fires were burning elsewhere in the province.


Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


I savored my french fries,while the sea gulls and the ducks entertained me with their antics. Summer bliss!

Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia


By the time I left it was blazing hot, and the parking lot was full. Serious swimmers and sun bathers were making the best of the day.

Map from Halifax to Bayswater (just under an hour). Like Queensland, Bayswater is a provincial (government controlled) beach. This means that it is manned with life guards in July and August. Camping is not allowed, and the RCMP do come along and shoo illegal campers away.

Have you ever been to the beach in Nova Scotia? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Queensland Beach in Nova Scotia! You nearly had me fooled, I thought you were in Queensland Australia – and I was going to welcome you to Australia! It does look like a nice beach though. Have a fabulous weekend ahead and enjoy the last of summer.

    • Hi Jill! Haha. I have been to Queensland in Australia. Trust me, the water is much warmer!

  2. Oh no, you missed out on seafood???
    Seriously, you know I’ve been to NS and absolutely love it. It reminds me of Ireland, where I was born.

    • Hi Jackie! It was a sad moment! 🙂 It also looks a bit like New Zealand!

  3. Couldn’t have titled this post more appropriately, Nancie. Beautiful beach shots and those fries make my mouth water.

    • Hi Jackie! Thanks. I wouldn’t mind a bag right this moment. Koreans don’t do fries like these!

  4. Beautiful photos! It looks like this could be my “happy place”.

    • Hi Jill! Definitely my happy place that day, and there was enough to share!!

  5. I imagine my boys would rather have french fries over seafood too!

  6. I wished you had taken more cash along Nancie, I would have loved to salivate over some Lobster! It is nice to see the sun shining so brightly – I’ll take your word that it was actually hot though lol.

  7. Looks like Bayswater has the perfect blue sky and water! Loved living through your photos as you soak up the scenery.

  8. Such a peaceful place. Beautiful pictures. I can imagine to spend some time there.

  9. I couldn’t post when we were in China either. I am also accustomed to not needing much cash and being able to use credit cards. It looks like the view made up for the lack of seafood. It’s hot, but I bet it wasn’t “Texas hot.”

  10. Three dollars well spent! Looks like you had a terrific day, Nancie!

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