Favorite Seoul Street Art

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Seoul Street Art

Seoul Street Art is dominated by whimsical sculpture throughout the city. Welcome to week 334 (6/29/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. Today I want to introduce you to some of my favourite Seoul Street Art. Enjoy the tour.

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I travel through Hangangjin Station (Line 6) every work day, and I often get off at this subway station to do a bit of shopping on my way home and to admire some of the Seoul street art. If you are ever in Seoul and want to see these pieces yourself, walk out of the station and head up the road towards Itaewon. It doesn’t matter which side of the street you’re on. Art will be peeking out at you on almost every block.


First, there’s Red Bird, who, well, glows red. I love both simplicity and the colour. He’s also the perfect complement to the glass building.


Seoul Street Art

To find our next piece, cross at the crosswalk. I call this Blue Dog, and he is one big doggy. In his entirety, and most of his body is hidden, Blue Dog checks in at about two stories. There are so many details I love about this big fella; the eyes, the nose, the ears, and the paws. The blue hat is the perfect finishing touch. You find him close to Samsung Leeum Museum of Art.


Seoul Street Art


Now, staying on the same side of the street, we’re going to walk a couple of blocks until we get to the IP Boutique Hotel. They always have an interesting art piece at the entrance. Right now, the hotel is being guarded by this knight in multi-coloured armour. I’m sure all the kids want to go for a ride 🙂


Seoul Street Art


We’re leaving the Hangangjin Station and Itaewon area and moving to Singyongsan, which is close to Yongsan Staton and the Dragon Hill Spa. This piece of Seoul street art is in front of a new building, which I have watched being built for the past two years. You can see from the photo that workers were just putting the finishing touches on the installation. Does anyone have a good name for this one? It seems to be welcoming people into the building. You’ll find this statue at Singyongsan, Subway Line 4, Exit 4. The workers look so tiny!


Seoul Street Art


Now we’ll take Subway Line 1 (get on at Yongsan Station), and head to Dapsimni Station, Exit 5. Walk less than a minute and here is our next Seoul street art installation. When I look at this, a couple of things come to mind; “catch me if you can,” “run away with me.” What do you think? If you walk between these two, you’ll see the sign for the antique market. Walk up the steps and go to the left. Through the doors, you’ll find 12 – 15 small antique shops selling items from Korea and Asia. You can find vases, figurines, and textiles here, and much cheaper than the tourist mecca Insadong. Another section of the antique market specializes in furniture. I’ve never ventured into that part simply because I’m not interested in Korean furniture. The market should be open every day. To confirm opening days and hours I would call the tourist information line (02-1330). Use your Skype app if you don’t have a SIM card in your phone.


Seoul Street Art


This is my favourite piece of Seoul street art. I’m not sure if Tourquise Man is a permanent installation. If he is you can find him in front of Seoul’s Sejong Center. Isn’t he amazing?  I love the intricacies in the feet and hands. To get there via subway you have a few choices:   Line No. 1 / Get off at Jonggak Station → 350 M point toward Gwanghwamun after coming out of the Exit No. 1
Line No. 3 / Get off at Gyeongbokgung Station → Toward Sejong main street from the Exit No. 6
Line No. 5 / Get off at Gwanghwamun Station → 200M point toward Sejong Center after coming out of the Exit No. 1, 8
300M point toward Sejong Center after coming out of the Exit No. 7


Seoul Street Art


Our final Seoul street art for this week finds it’s home close to Seoul Station, Subway Line 4. I find this elegant sculpture very intriguing, but I can ‘t figure out why it’s in this location. To me, it looks very Thai, and I cannot find one reference to Thailand in the surrounding area. Never-the-less I love these masks and this Seoul street art.


Seoul Street Art


Which is your favourite Seoul street art? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. So cool! The masks one is a little creepy, but definitely interesting. I love the dog one!

    • Hi, Sam. I like the dog, too. I don’t find the masks creepy, but I can’t figure why they are where they are.

  2. My favorite is the giant blue dog! This art is certainly different from what I’m used to and must be so fun to see.

    • Hi, Sharon. I am always on the lookout for new street art here in Seoul. Anytime there is a new building it’s almost guaranteed that there will be some new artwork outside the front door.

  3. What an incredible collection of street art! I love the bird! Thanks for sharing these great photos of fun finds. #TravelPhotoThrusday

  4. I like the lying down man best. There seems to be a theme connecting most of these: larger-than-life people (or the dog). Do you suppose there’s some reason why so much of the art involves this theme?

  5. Definitely turquoise man! I didn’t see any of this street art when I was in Seoul – I must’ve not been on those subway lines. But I still really enjoyed my few days there.

  6. It is not easy to pick a favorite but I like the first and last photos. The first one is simple but I find it really cute. The last one is very creative and the face looks very real. Enjoyed seeing your finds around the city!

  7. I love big oversized artwork, so choosing a favourite was difficult. I think I agree with you, that turquoise man is pretty cool.

  8. That is an amazing collection of art. I love the knight in shining armour and the huge blue dog. And the final sculpture is intriguing.

  9. I love street art! I think the doggie and the last one are my favourites.

  10. I love street art – so many talented people.

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