Penang’s Butterfly Farm for Travel Photo Thursday

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Penang Butterfly Farm for Travel Photo Thursday…

Welcome to the 197th week of Travel Photo Thursday. Last week we were at the Tropical Fruit Farm, this week we’re hanging with the butterflies. Let me tell you, fruit is so much easier to photograph than butterflies!

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The Butterfly farm is along the same route as the Tropical Fruit Farm, but not as far. If you are traveling by public transport, the 101 bus will take you almost to the door. Just ask the driver to let you off.

A friendly welcome…


Penang Butterfly Farm

Penang Butterfly Farm


Now for the butterflies. I have no idea about the names of these butterflies. Strictly based on how pretty 🙂  They do love to hang on!


Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


The hibiscus hangout…


Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


Black with a touch of red…Classy Lady…


Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


Pretty in blue…


Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


And when you tire of the butterflies, there is always the Koi pond.


Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


Or, some gorgeous flowers…



Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


But it really is all about the butterfly magic :)…


Butterfly Farm, Penang

Butterfly Farm, Penang


Traveler’s Tip

Located in Batu Ferringhi, accessible from Georgetown via bus 101. Check the website for the most up-to- date information. VERY  budget and family friendly!


Have you ever been to a butterfly farm? Tell us!


This is the 197th edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.

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  1. Oh dear – another place I didn’t visit! I think we meant to but then the pool was so inviting, and it was either raining or hot, so we didn’t. Oh well, next time!

    • Hi Jill. When you only have a short time it’s hard to get to see everything. I understand the temptation of the pool!

  2. I’d always thought butterfly farms were silly – until I went to one in Thailand. What fun! And what a challenge to get good pictures – those little guys are fast! (Your closing picture is gorgeous.)

    Guess I’m on a bit of a barn theme these days. I’ve seen quite a few of them, as we’ve been out checking out the fall leaves around the state. We are having the longest, most beautiful fall I can remember.

    • I didn’t know there was one in Thailand. I’ll have to check it out this winter.

      • Nancy – we haven’t been there since 2006, but there used to be a small one near Chiang Mai. I have a blog post on it at Not sure it is still there, but we had a good time.

        • Hi Cindy. That’s interesting. I’ve spent a lot of time in Chiang Mai, and had no idea there was a Butterfly Farm. I’ll be there this winter, and will have to check it out!

  3. Well Nancie again we were thinking alike. . .in a manner of speaking. Our photo subjects are beautiful winged creatures. And these photos are simply beautiful! Great job in capturing those fleeting bits of beauty!

    • Hi Jackie. haha…great minds think alike. Thanks for your kind words. Can’t wait to see your winged friends.

  4. Butterfly farms are such great places to practice your photography. Years ago I went to the one near Niagara Falls in a cold day and what a treat to walk into a warm, humid space.

    • Hi Leigh. Yes, and I was practicing with a new macro lens. I am still trying to get the feel for that one. Hopefully this winter I’ll get a lot more practice.

  5. Nancie, I love a butterfly enclosure! I’ve been to several, and everytime am amazed at the variety and beauty of the butterflies. Love your photos!

    • Hi Corinne and thanks. I didn’t realize that butterfly farms/enclosures were so popular.

  6. Beautiful photos! Butterflies certainly are not the easiest things to photograph….I’ve never been to a butterfly farm, but it looks like good, relaxing fun!

    • Hi Molly. They don’t really like to sit and pose, do they? 🙂

  7. You did a beautiful job capturing those butterflies “on film”. (“On digital memory” doesn’t have the same ring.) I always have a difficult time as they seem to fly off when I’m attempting to get my point-and-click camera to focus on them. This Butterfly Farm is one of the places our school always likes to take kids on field trips. I like it, but it’s super hot and humid inside.

    • Hi Michele. It is a perfect place for kids, and there were lots there the day I visited. It definitely was hot and humid, and more opportunities to sit in the shade would have been nice.

  8. I’ve not been to an enclosure but I could use your skills in our own garden 🙂 We get an array of butterflies including the huge Dunk Island Blue (Ulysses) Butterfly. Not everyone sees these iridescent blue creatures, but we have a Euodia tree where they lay their eggs. Our original Eudoia was knocked over in a cyclone so we replanted one in exactly the same position, just so we would get visits from this beautiful creature. They may have them at times in the Penang Butterfly Farm. Great capturing – I’ve tried and failed in our garden many times and had a few successes.

    • Hi Jan. Thanks for your kind words. Believe me, these shots were strictly trial and error!

  9. How absolutely beautiful, Nancie! You were lucky to get so many of them. Butterflies make me feel happy but whenever I see them and try to take a photo, they usually fly away as soon as I get close.

    • Hi Marcia. They are without a doubt tricky little critters!

  10. I’ve been to butterfly exhibits indoors, but never a garden. what a lovely way to spend a day! Except. as a MOM, butterflies gardens mostly make me think of Fancy Nancy, the book character.

    • Hi Eileen,

      Not familiar with Fancy Nancy 🙂

  11. What a beautiful collection, Nancie! Your pictures are stunning and I love the butterflies you captured here. I’ve been to enclosures but not farms. This would make such an enjoyable visit.

    • Hi Mary! It was a great way to spend an afternoon. I was amazed that I captured anything worth showing!

  12. What an enchanted idea to have a butterfly farm, I love it! Plus Penang is full of such gorgeous flowers and plants, so it’s only natural butterflies would want to flock close by!:-)

    • Hi Jess. Yes, Penang is definitely a hey day for butterflies!

  13. Absolutely wonderful photos, Nancie! And yes, I have been to a butterfly farm, and that was in Tasmania. I never got images like these, though!

    • Thanks, Andrew. It was my lucky day. I think the new macro lens helped a lot!

      • A lucky day and the lens, but definitely a lot of skill involved, too!

  14. Amazing Butterfly photos. They are extremely difficult to photograph, so well done.

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for dropping by, so glad you like the shots.

  15. Beautiful photos. And such pretty butterflies, who are not always easy to photograph. This post made a nice start to my day.

    • Hi Donna…so nice to hear that I gave you a good start to your day. I hope the rest of it was just as good!

  16. I loved your colorful photos of both the butterflies and the flowers which always go hand in hand. We’ve been to several butterfly farms on our travels and love the experience as it’s almost a form of meditation. Move quietly, watch with awe the beauty that nature has shown us and emerge from the experience with a new appreciation of life and all the amazing things that are out there for us to see and marvel at!

    • Hi Anita. I agree, a totally meditative experience.

  17. Isn’t it fun to walk among thousands of fluttering beautiful butterflies, have them land on you and get real close… I always love to visit butterfly farms.

    • Hi Juergen. It was great fun!

  18. Beautiful work. We enjoyed the butterfly garden outside St. Louis. There is something so calming about being in their presence.

    • Hi Betsy. I’ll to put St. Louis on my list!

  19. I can’t understand how I missed this in Penang – one more reason to return to that wonderful island, definitely one of my fave places of all time. I have to say I’m in awe of the photos – as someone who at best captures a blur when photographing of of these lovelies, I congratulate you!

    • Hi Leyla! It is a bit of a trek from Georgetown, so not that difficult to miss. I just happened to read something about it, and thought…sounds good and off I went!

  20. Your photos are brilliant!! So beautiful!

    • Thanks Marilyn, glad you enjoyed them.

  21. Been to several butterfly farms and always loved it, but never got pictures as stunning as these. Well done.

    • Thank you! Trust me, my photos were sheer luck. As you know, these beauties do not cooperate for the camera.

  22. One of my favorite butterfly ‘farms’ and the most surprising is inside the Changi Airport in Singapore. What a lovely antidote to jet lag and flight stress. So sweet seeing stoic travelers melt at the beautiful and the tame creatures.

    • Hi Elaine. That must be a new addition to the airport. I’ve come through Changi a few times, but have never seen the butterfly farm. What a novel idea for an airport!

  23. I love Butterfly farms – I don’t know what it is about butterflies but they are so entrancing. Loved your photos. I’ve been to one in Queensland which I spent ages at, and there’s one in Bali I’d like to get to as well.

    • Hi Johanna. I’ve been to Bali several and didn’t realize that they have one as well. Another reason to go back!

  24. What beautiful butterflies! Yes, I have been to several butterfly farms, most recently one in Mexico’s Yucatan. and the Monarch butterfly groves in Pismo Beach, California.

  25. Hi Carole. I would love to see the monarchs in California.

  26. We visited a butterfly farm in Saint Martin. It was small, but had so gorgeous examples and quite a few in various stages of growth. They had a great tour for the kids and I loved photographing them. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit too.

  27. I went to a butterfly farm (indoor) this year in the Phoenix area and it was so awesome. I have never been around so many butterflies in my life – they are so beautiful!

  28. Wow. So much beauty. the butterflies and the flowers, so colorful and amazing. I really love this post. thank you for sharing this with us.

  29. Really great website! I love the theme.


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