My Top Three Travel Memories from the Past Decade

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A blogger relay is currently underway, and I have been tagged by the Blue Team to carry the baton. I’ve been thinking about what to post for a few days now. The first thing I realized is that I don’t have photographs available earlier than 2002. Although I have loads of great travel memories prior to that, I’ve decided to focus on my top three from the past decade.


NUMBER ONE …Hands down, it has to be the month I spent in Egypt in 2004. It is such an amazing country. I loved every moment; from the museum in Cairo, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor,  Abus Simbel, sailing down the Nile in a Felucca, camping in the desert…and and and…




Great Pyramids at Giza




Sphinx at Giza

Nothing I had ever read or seen prepared me for these two iconic landmarks.  For some strange reason, there were very few tourists at Giza on the day I was there. I felt like I had been transported to another place, and definitely a different century.  As weird as it may sound, I still get goose bumps when I look at these photos. 

Then of course there was King Tut’s sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum; thousand of years old and made from solid gold.





m_King TuT


Never in a million years had I ever expected to visit a REAL camel market. When I heard of the Barqash Camel Market,  just outside of Cairo, I had to go.  I found another American traveler and we headed out in a taxi. The market was in full swing by the time we got there.  It was only after offering him money if he would allow us to take his photo that we realized he was a buyer, so probably a wealthy man. He didn’t take offense and seemed to enjoy having his photo taken. 




Camel Buyer Barqash Camel Market




Sunset on the Nile, Egype 2004


TAKING NUMBER TWO SPOT IS…BALLOONS OVER BAGAN…hot air ballooning over the ancient city of Bagan at sunrise. 


I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was worried about oversleeping and my alarm clock wasn’t overly reliable. I was staying at the Eden Hotel in Bagan, ten bucks a night and no back-up power generator for the nightly black out. Sleep did not come easy, and the hotel was still black when I crept out to meet the Balloons Over Bagan bus. From start to finish it’s a morning I will never forget. 




Another View of Ancient Bagan from the air




Sunrise, Ancient Bagan




Balloons over Bagan...close to the river


Ancient Bagan from the air


The THIRD and final spot goes to the ELEPHANT NATURE PARK, where I spent two incredible days frolicking with the elephants.  This is a sanctuary, just outside of Chaing Mai, Thailand, where abused elephants are basically given a second lease on life. They eat, bath, and wallow in the mud to their hearts content, and it really was a privilege to spend two days getting up close and personal with these beautiful giants.




Feeding Time...I'm Waiting!!








Play Time...Elephant Nature Park, Thailand



River Walk




Up Close and Personal...Out for a walk with the "guys and gals"



Enough With The Photos!!


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I definitely did. 


I am passing the baton onto Becca at RWeThereYetMom.



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  1. What a wonderful series of shots and what fabulous, exotic trips you have done!! I also would love anything with elephants and hot air ballooning over those temples would be fantastic.

    • Hi Leigh! If you ever have the chance to hot air balloon, don’t hesitate. It really is a magical experience.

  2. I so agree with you about Egypt – I still get goosebumps too. I read many of your posts about Myanmar, and that put it on my “to do list”….and Chiang Mai – I’ll wait till you retire there and finally come visit ;).

    • Hi Em…Yes, definitely come to CM once I am there, and Myanmar is only a jump away.

  3. Beautiful memories Nancie. The balloon trip looks wonderful…so peaceful but I’m a bit worried about looking down! I’d also love to spend a day or two with the elephants. It must ‘ve been an amazing couple of days

    • Hi Jenny…The elephants really are special animals. I am thinking of spending some time at the park again this winter.

  4. What a wonderfully diverse set of travel experiences; I’m particularly fond of your photos of the elephants!

    • Thanks Henry! It’s also fun to share good memories.

  5. Hi Nancie, It is lovely to look back through photos and relive our favourite top 3 isn’t it? I have not been to see Egypt – to see those massive monuments would be truly amazing.

    • Hi Jan, It really was fun to look at all the photos again. They do bring back so many memories.

  6. Beautiful photos! I have experienced quite a bit of time with elephants but Egypt and Myanmar are still on my to do list;’)

  7. I really loved your morning hot air balloon ride photos. It’s really beautiful. And love love love elephants! I had the opportunity to spend lot of time with elephants in Sri Lanka. Your photos reminds me of that. Thanks!

  8. Honestly Nancie! You not only took the Blue baton, you raised the bar with it! What an incredible series of photos and memories.

  9. What a fabulous set of memories! I am in awe and hope to have some of those experiences myself someday.

  10. I haven’t been to any of these places but I really want to go to Bagan. All those small temples scattered all throughout! And of course, to Egypt too. Bucket list! Go TeamBLUE!

  11. The Elephant Nature Park is on my list for the year thanks to you. It’s been stuck in my mind since your original post. Another friend loved it, too.

  12. Wow, what awesome experiences! I haven’t been to any of these 3 places… the world is so big!

    • Hi Amanda! Yes, I’ve seen a lot of the world, but I’m always amazed at much more there is to see and experience.

  13. Wow, that balloon ride sure was special! What an amazing adventure! I haven’t been to any of the places you wrote about, so thanks for sharing your memories from there and for being part of TeamBLUE!

  14. That aerial view over Bagan is fantastic. We actually did similar a couple years back but the photos didn’t come out well. The elephant park as well looks like it maybe in Mae Taeng.

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