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Mr. Toilet House

This week we are visiting Suwon and Korea’s Toilet Museum, or as it’s affectionately known Mr. Toilet House.  Welcome to week 276 (5/4/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. Yes, you read that right. We have a toilet museum here in Korea, and it was part of our Hwaseong Fortress Tour of a couple of weeks ago. Have a peek.

Surrounded by an impressive little park, which gets you up to speed on the many toilets that were available during the ages in Korea.


Korea Toilet Museum

Mr. Toilet House

Korea Toilet Museum


He looks a little surprised!? 🙂

Korea Toilet Museum


A flush toilet for the ladies!

Korea Toilet Museum


Where’s the privacy?


Korea Toilet Museum


Only in Jeju!

Korea Toilet Museum

Korea Toilet Museum


Agony, or what!


Korea Toilet Museum


Bathroom signs from around the world.

Korea Toilet Museum


I have to say the Canadian signs had me wondering. I know that I haven’t lived in my home country for a lot of years, but I have never seen the bra and briefs used as a washroom sign. Can anyone confirm this one?

Korea Toilet Museum


The golden t_ _ d…yup!

Korea Toilet Museum


There are no actual washroom facilities in the main museum. You have to walk across the road to use the restroom. For a toilet museum, I must say that I was surprised that the washroom was not just a little bit jazzed up.


Korea Toilet Museum


Upstairs in the same building as the washrooms is a kids play area. Your child can learn all about various kind of poop, and there were even a few poop games on offer.

Korea Toilet Museum

Korea Toilet Museum


I wonder what Rodin would have to say about this? 🙂

Korea Toilet Museum


So long, Toilet Museum. It’s been a lot of fun!


Korea Toilet Museum


Mr. Toilet House (as it is known here in Korea) is reportedly the first toilet museum in the world. It’s open daily, except Mondays and certain holidays. Admission is free. For full details re. Opening days  and hours go here. Suwon is readily available from Seoul either by train or subway. The train is faster, and from the station, you will probably want to grab a cab to the museum. The information desk at the train station usually has English speaking staff and they will be happy to help.


Please welcome our co-hosts this week: Jan from Budget Travel Talk Ruth from Tanama Tales  Rachel from Rachel’s Ruminations


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  1. I think this museum would be a big hit with families. Kids are always fascinated by poo! I’ve been to Canada but not seen the bra and underpants sign. Korea certainly has some crazy sights.

    • Hi Jan. Yes, the kids loved the play area. If I get home this summer, I’m going to have a good look for them!

  2. gosh a toilet museum – very surprising and intriguing.

    • Hi Jill. Definitely unique! I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to get there, but it was a great addition to my Suwon tour.

  3. What a funny and interesting discovery; I forwarded this link to friends who are in South Korea at the moment! And nothing really offensive or yucky about it! After all: we’ve all been there, many times and in different countries…

    • Hi Juergen. If your friends visit Suwon, it’s definitely worth the time to go there.

  4. I’m so glad you finally got there! The Toilet Museum is such fun!

    • Hi Rachel! I’m glad I finally made it there as well. It made for an interesting and fun hour!

  5. How perfectly quirkylicious! I once saw the Hundertwasser toilet in Kawakawa, a tiny little place in New Zealand – not a toilet museum, exactly, but a toilet that was like a museum.

  6. Oh! There is a museum like this too!
    Very creative sculpted works. 😀 I am sure it will be a big hit with the kids.

  7. Ok, the title was strange but I was not expecting the museum to be that “graphic.” I feel a mix of fun and disbelief. Have to admit that the person that create this a a great sense of humor. My husband would like this place. He always wants pictures with the p**p emoji pillows or hat (yes, those are everywhere here in Los Angeles)

  8. Wow..this is one of the most interesting museums I’ve read. We most likely would visit this if in Korea. My kids would get a laugh out of this. I don’t remember seeing those signs in Canada or Japan. Love quirky museums.

  9. OMG! Only in Asia!! this is the weirdest and whackiest thing I’ve eve seen!

  10. Hi Nancie, your post is quite apropos especially in light of the current brouhaha in North Carolina over transgenders using the bathrooms they want. Those are some interesting signs from Canada. I’ve never seen them before.
    On my first trip to W. Africa, I used a roofless, doorless toilet in the ‘bush.’ It was really just a hole in the ground. I can’t see facilities like these outside the tropics. Can you imagine going to a roofless, doorless facility in the winter?

  11. What fun is travel if you can’t laugh? If we make it to Korea you can bet that the “Mr. Toilet House” will be at the top of my list. And the signs are almost as interesting as the displays!

  12. The Korean’s certainly have humor! To improve I’d also suggest to make a awesome working washroom in the building, too. That could be an interesting experience 😉

  13. If there’s one thing that travel has taught my kids, it’s that washrooms and toilets are different around the world. It seems that museum shows quite a range. Looks like there aren’t any high tech Japanese washlets featured, though. I have my own personal collection of bathroom signs, so I think that I would enjoy that part of the exhibit a lot. I’ve never come across the briefs and bras designation in my travels, although I suppose I haven’t spent that much time in Canada. Thanks for sharing your visit to this highly amusing museum.


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