Korean Ceramics Shopping in Yeoju, Korea

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Korean Ceramics

Two weeks ago I had a fun day ogling and purchasing a few pieces of lovely and practical Korean Ceramics in the City of Yeoju, a 90-minute drive east of Seoul. Welcome to week 325 (4/27/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. Come in and see the pieces that will be making their way back to Canada and my new condo later this year.

If you are in Seoul and you want to purchase Korean ceramics or pottery, avoid the touristy shops in Itaewon or Insadong. Instead, grab a public bus or find a tour going to Yeosu. The city has been producing quality ceramics and pottery for centuries. Here you will pay a quarter of the price for the same vase or dish-set you may have eyed in downtown Seoul.

Our first stop didn’t look like much, but once inside there was lots to choose from.


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea

My first purchase was this stunning white-on-white celadon short vase with cranes for a mere $20.00. I priced a similar piece in Itaewon a few days later, less than half the size and the shopkeeper quoted me $40.00.


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea


Our next stop was a shop with loads of gorgeous tableware in a rainbow of colors. I love tea, and could not pass up this stunning teapot ($25.00). This was a fab bargain as we found them sporting much higher price tags in other shops. I can’t wait to brew my first pot! The bamboo handle is perfectly heat resistant.


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea



Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea


This stunning piece had my name written all over it for a mere $25.00.


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea


This was my absolute favorite piece of the day. I lusted over it for quite a while, but in the end walked away. I think it would be a nightmare to ship back to Nova Scotia, and I would be heartbroken if it arrived in pieces. However, it was almost a steal at 80,000W. I priced a similar piece in Itaewon a few days later and was quoted two million Won (over $2000 US). The shopkeeper in Itaewon went on about the famous artist who had made the one she was trying to sell me. When I asked her to show me the artist’s signature I thought she was going to faint. I walked away chuckling to myself. Believe me, when I say, don’t buy Korean ceramics in downtown Seoul.


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea

Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea


This shop sells every size kimchi pot imaginable and with this gorgeous cherry blossom tree in full bloom what an opportunity to take this stunning photo. I did not even entertain the thought of purchasing one of these pots. They are HEAVY.  My tour was all Americans from the base, and they have shipping allowances, so quite a few purchased multiple pots to take home to the States. They make nice coffee or end tables.


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea


This was strictly a shopping tour, so we didn’t see anything being thrown, or baking in the kiln. There is a ceramics/pottery festival in a few weeks. I’m planning to go, and I want to see the potters at work. I was fascinated to see the ongii pottery being produced last year.

If you are in Seoul, and you want to do some ceramics shopping in Yeoju you can take the subway. Details here.  The tour I took is organized by the American base, and I tagged along with an American friend. SIWA (Seoul International Women’s Association) sometimes offers a tour, and you don’t have to be a SIWA member. Check out their page. 

Have you ever purchased a piece of Korean ceramics? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. OMG I would want everything!!!!

    • I agree, Jackie. I could have bought one of everything.

  2. Incredible pieces and incredibly good prices I’d say! They will bring back great memories when you look at them in their places of honor in your Canadian condo!

  3. Hi, Jackie. Yes, the prices are amazing. Now, to get them back to Canada 🙂

  4. I love buying ceramics/pottery when we travel. I’ve got a few pieces from Turkey, one from Spain, one from Morocco and two from Japan. I don’t spend a lot but I love the pieces I do buy and enjoy using them all the time. I recently bought a bowl (like a pasta bowl) that I usually use as a salad bowl, from the ginger factory on the Sunshine Coast where we now live. It is just a mass produced thing but pretty and I love using it. I would go crazy in your position. I love your white on white and teapot.

    • Hi, Jan. I love the fact that pottery/ceramics don’t have to be expensive. I’m sure your bowl is gorgeous.

  5. I’m lusting after these pieces too. 🙂 The white on white vase with the cranes is beautiful and I can see you enjoying your beautiful teapot (the shades of blue are lovely) and sipping your tea on a cold Canadian morning. It’s probably good you didn’t have a shipping allowance, right?

    • Hi, Anita. You are so right. If I had had a shipping allowance, I would have to swim home. I would have bought one of everything! 🙂

  6. I like to visit places like this. On most places I have visited, you have to go outside the city to get to the actual town where artisans live and work. I enjoy visiting work spaces and shop. I have been to shopping tours where the artisan makes a demonstration before visitors are left alone to wander around. Those are very interesting #TPThursday

    • Hi, Ruth. I’m with you. I hope to get to see some of the potters at work during the festival.

  7. I hope you’re not trying to turn us all into shoppers. 🙂 That teapot is the winner here.

    • Haha, Bob. Never fear! I’m not much of a shopper. I’m leaving Korea this year, so it’s been on my list to buy a few pieces before I leave.

  8. Hi Nancie,
    Going off the beaten path is a great idea for pottery buying — and most everything else while traveling! Glad you found new pieces for your new condo.

  9. I couldn’t believe the difference in price between the touristy areas and where you shopped. I am sure it was hard for you to walk away from some of these pieces…truly gorgeous!!

  10. Hello, could you please provide the name of the tour? Is this available for the average tourist?

    • This tour is offered through the U.S. military base and is not open to the general public. You would need to find someone with access to the base to sign you up and get you on the base. I’m no longer in Korea, so I don’t have a contact to share.

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