Korea: Visiting Daejeon’s Green Space

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Welcome to week 235 (07/02/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. I’m often asked what’s worth visiting in Daejeon, a city I’ve called home for the past 10 years. I am always at a bit of a loss. Daejeon is a nice city, but it really isn’t a mecca for tourists. However, I do think that it is worthy of a visit to enjoy our gorgeous green space. Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I walk the river almost everyday (at least this time of year). This morning I headed out, but decided to change my route just a little. In the end I never actually made it to the river, but to our near by arboretum, and that’s when I decided to feature it here on Travel Photo Thursday.

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This is where you’ll usually find me early in the morning. The Expo Bridge was built in 1993 when the city hosted Expo 1993. Closed to car traffic, it’s often rented out for special events like wine tasting and tango.

Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


A hazy morning on the river.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


A clear and sunny day with beautiful reflections.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


Located within a two minute walk of the bridge and the river is the Daejeon Arboretum, and that’s where I walked this morning. First we’ll visit the west side. For some weird reason I almost never go into the west side. I had a great time exploring.


Entrance to the west side of the Arboretum. It has a very Korean feel, surrounded by a Korean style wall, and the Korean style photos.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


The west side boasts a beautiful rose garden.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


The roses are pretty much finished for the season, but there are still a few pretty blooms hanging around.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


There are many special gardens throughout, and as you can see the sign is in English and Korean!


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


This was a very small garden, and this seemed to be the only edible plant identified. These wild Korean raspberries are very similar to raspberries at home, and I often buy them this time of year. Love the sweetness!


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


No Korean garden is complete without a Korean style rotunda.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


I sat here and did my morning meditation. Does it get any better?


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


The shrubbery garden…no blooms, but lots of buds.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


I couldn’t resist one last shot of the rotunda framed by these gorgeous trees.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


Although I could have stayed longer on the west side, it was time to move to the east. The east side is the original arboretum and is called the ‘Wet Arboretum’.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


Less manicured than the west side, which I like.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum



Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum

Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


My Iphone camera decided to die at about this point. I’ll leave you with a few petty blooms from the east side.


Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum



Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum
Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


Travelers Tip

If you’re in Seoul, I highly recommend that you grab the KTX (fast train) to Daejeon. The ride is only an hour, and you can spend the morning enjoying Daejeon’s awesome green space and river front. I’d recommend that you take a taxi from the station. Ask the driver to take you to Expo Bridge. You can ask the ladies at the information desk to write that in Korean for the taxi driver

The arboretum is open every day from about 8am to dusk. In the summertime it seems to open at 6am (but not always).


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  1. What a beautiful spot you took us to, Nancie. It is always refreshing to find such an oasis of green and growth in city environments, isn’t it? And that bridge is simply spectacular – I noticed similar bridge ‘beauty’ in Bangkok as well. Seems here in the US we build for practical minds – to get over the water. Beauty is out the window!! Have a good week – it is a scorcher in the NW!

    • Hi Jackie. Thanks, and yes, I have noticed a lot of spectacular bridges in my travels around Asia. We North Americans seems to be too practical when it comes to spanning water…haha. The heat is starting to rise here, but a little cooler than other years. Fingers crossed that the heat and humidity will remain bearable for at least another week or two.

  2. I like especially the Korean pavilion… beautiful architecture and colors…

    • They are pretty, and always seem to be built somewhere scenic.

  3. I have enjoyed your post about the city of Daejeon. Like you mentioned on your post, it is not a tourist mecca but that doesn’t mean it is not worth a visit. I have been to many cities that can be describe din the same way. In some aspects, I prefer places like that because it pushes you to make more connections to the locals. And, I can guarantee that there is somebody who is going to invite you to his/her house or show you around.

    • Hi Ruth. What you say is so true. I often visit cities that are not on the tourist trail, and have found people friendly and eager to show their hospitality.

  4. I love those beautiful pictures of the glass lakes – stunning

  5. I really like that striking suspension bridge and remember it from your Instagram feed. It’s so interesting that it’s closed to vehicular traffic, though. I also like your photo of the city reflected in the water. It’s so mirror-like. Will you miss Daejeon?

    • Hi Michele. I’m not sure the bridge was ever open to vehicles. Only one end of it actually exits to a road. I think it was always meant to be more an ‘ornament’ than anything else. I think I will miss Daejeon in some ways, but eager to move on to something fresh and new.

  6. Hi Nancie, Your morning meditation spot is stunning. It would be difficult to meditate amidst such beauty! I love the bright colours of these shots. We met a few Koreans in Europe on our recent trip but none of them had been to Daejeon! I wrote the post I have linked before we left and what is funny is that the place on Hvar Island that I fell in love with had altered when we arrived. The terrace and kitchen that I loved had been upgraded. Although it was gorgeous and still had the lovely view, it had a different feel about it altogether. Instead of being an Italian Country feel with the grape vined terrace and old cooker inside it was all sophisticated elegance. I never once considered that happening, lol.

    • Hi Jan. Daejeon is what I would call a bedroom city. There are lots of universities here, and people like the city for raising families. However, no real need to come here unless you have relatives here or other business. Your place on Hvar Island does sound beautiful, upgrade and all!

  7. What a magical place for a morning walk and contemplation. The gardens are amazing with some gorgeous blooms and I love the rotunda in the lake.

    • Hi Kathy. It really is. It’s hard to believe that 2 minutes away are 2 major roadways.

  8. This looks like the perfect antidote to the urban crush that Korea can be. I love that bridge and can imagine what wonderful events happen there.

    • Hi Elaine. You are so right. It’s amazing how getting down on the river or into the arboretum can seem like an entirely different world.

  9. The city of Daejeon is very pretty and the flowers are amazing. It looks peaceful there.

    • Hi Paula,

      It is one of the smaller cities in Korea. Compared to Seoul it is a peaceful village…haha.

  10. Beautiful photos! I loved seeing the difference between the east and west sides of the Arboretum. The photo of your meditation spot is absolutely gorgeous– it definitely doesn’t get any better than that. So peaceful!

  11. Your photos of Daejeon, South Korea and so beautiful! Makes me want to visit!


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