How Festivals Around the World Are Different & the Same

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This is guest post from Marcello, who blogs at Wandering Trader. Check out Marcello’s bio at the end of this post. To learn how can become a guest poster at Budget Travelers Sandbox check out Guest Posting.

I was raised in a Latin household and there is nothing I remember more than getting together for the holidays and having a big party with my family. Latin culture is quite unique when it comes to festivals and parties. In many South American countries you will find 50 and 60 year old’s (men and women) dancing like it was 1999 (get it? 50/60 year old’s.. 1999.. Prince? I digress). I just got back from Carnival in Brazil and this led me to sit back and compare and contrast these situations.

The first and one of the largest Carnival’s in the world is in Trinidad and Tobago. This Caribbean festival has spread throughout many of the islands in the area including Jamaica, St. Lucia, and even the Bahamas. Canada has even gotten into the act and now has the third largest Caribbean festival in the world that is held every held every August. It has become so massive that it has become one of the great things to do in Canada. Caribbean festivals are all about sex; pure unaltered, no rules, sex. In North America, there is respect between both sexes and men usually ask girls to dance. In a Caribbean festival there are no questions, you just dance, and there isn’t a PG version if you know what I mean.

Now in comparison to almost every Spanish festival I have been to there is still a distance factor between sexes. Women still have to “approve” on what juicy pair of legs they are going to be dancing on. Before the rise of Reggaeton, it would be couples pairing for Salsa, Merengue, and even Bachata (check out this cool video). But there isn’t the the raunchy no questions asked like the Caribbean festivals.

In Brazil, there is another completely different dynamic. My first thought of Carnival in Brazil was the exact same picture as the Caribbean festivals I have attended. People in Carnival don’t dance together anywhere near as often as in Caribbean festivals for example. Instead, everyone sticks to their own group of friends until you are ready for Malaria of the mouth. Which is my way of describing what happens when a man gives a women his beads for a kiss. Surprisingly, Brazil is a lot more old fashioned when it comes to some things, like dancing.

It’s really funny to be able to see and compare some of the cultures around the world. Not by their food or even the way they dress, but the way they party. I would be interested to know how some of the values of these cultures came about. For example, why is it that most Caribbean festivals are all about raunchy dancing and sex? Is that what influenced the Reggaeton generation in places like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic? I have been to the 3rd largest Caribbean festival in the world in Caribana, Carnival in Brazil, and numerous smaller Latin festivals in the world. It’s going to be very interesting to see how different festivals in Africa and Asia are.


Bio: Marcello has been working for freedom his entire life. He’s unlocked the secret through day trading and now wanders the world. You can find Marcello on his blog at and Twitter: @Wanderingtradr Facebook: Wanderingtrader

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  1. I soo should have given you a raunchier picture of Caribana.. haahah

    • No you shouldn’t have………..:). I almost didn’t this one…(laughing)

  2. I like the notion of learning about cultures through their festivals and the way they express themselves through dance and other behaviours. Somehow I can’t imagine raunchy sex and dance in certain parts of Asia… but Africa should be a lot of fun!

  3. Most countries in Asia are either too religious or too militaristic to even bother having a festival like those in the Caribbean. But if the mantra of tradition and politics can be lift out those frequent travelers like us will have to circle the world every year.

  4. We are currently in the Caribbean and have spent several months of our life here. You got to love how much they love their festivals. It’s always a great time and they really love to let loose and party.

  5. Great post. Every country has his culture, and every culture is unique in is one way.

  6. nice article every religion has its own heritage and values, love to see variety of every country and religion nice post thanks for sharing..

  7. Weird dance. I can’t watch it with my family, but it’s a well written article.


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