Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal: A Late Autumn Photo Walk

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Historic Gardens


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


The Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal are a popular tourist destination. Although now closed for the season, the gates to the Historic Gardens remain open and you can wander around at your own risk. Even in the late autumn with few blooms, I found the gardens enchanting. Welcome to week 349 (11/28/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. Apologies for not publishing last Thursday. Indy and I moved into our condo on Wednesday, so it was (and continues to be) a busy and fun time of getting settled into our new home.

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Upon entering you see these three welcoming benches and fire pit. The garden hosts a winter market on Saturdays, so I am assuming that the fire pit is lit during the market to help shoppers stay a little warmer when the air is nippy.


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

The afternoon light was welcoming on the meandering paths. As you can see, there is still a bit of colour on the trees.  The winds earlier in the week helped to separate many leaves from the branches.


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal

Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal

Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


The garden is full of black and grey squirrels scampering up and down trees and simply having a grand time.


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal

Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


There are still a few blooms brightening things up! This is a telltale sign of how warm our autumn has been.


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


I love how this piece of a tree trunk has been incorporated into the garden. It reminds me of a sundial.


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


This is a tree huggers paradise.

Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


There is access to the dike and the river. Just remember to close the gate so that the deer don’t get in and raid the flower gardens 🙂


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


Patrons can support the Historic Gardens through the purchase of an ornament. You can have your own name engraved, or that of a friend or loved one. The choice is yours!


Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal


The Historic Gardens are one of the top gardens in Canada and North America. In 2015 they won the Top Garden in Canada award. If you’re planning a trip to Nova Scotia be sure to include Annapolis Royal on your itinerary.


Located at 441 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, B0S 1A0. Trust me, you can’t miss them.


The Historic Gardens are open seasonally, 7 days a week from May to October. For the rest of the year, the Gardens are not maintained but are accessible to the public.

May 9am – 5pm
June 9am – 5pm
July 9am – 8pm
August 9am – 8pm
September 9am – 5pm
October 9am – 5pm

Admission Prices: Admission is good for the whole day

Adult $12.61 + tax = $14.50
Senior (60+) $10.87 + tax = $12.50
Student $10.87 + tax = $12.50
Youth (12 – 18) $5.22 + tax = $6.00
Child (6 – 11) $2.61 + tax = $3.00
Under 6 Free
Family $27.83 + tax = $32.00
(Family = 2 parents and their dependant children)

Kids under 18 are FREE weekends and holidays, and every day with an Upper Clements Park bracelet!

There is also a garden cafe and shop on site.




Have you been to the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal? Let us know in the comments.


Please welcome our co-hosts this week: Jan from Budget Travel Talk  Ruth from Tanama Tales  Rachel from Rachel’s Ruminations


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  1. So nice you can still walk the grounds.

    Happy to hear you are getting settled.

    • Hi, Jackie. Yes, me too. It’s nice to know that I shouldn’t be moving again soon 🙂 I think it’s great I get to experience the 4 seasons in the gardens. I am not wishing for snow, but I bet the gardens are pretty after a snowfall. #TPThursday

  2. loved the way you depicted simple yet enticing things

    • Thanks, Pratik. Welcome to Travel Photo Thursday.

  3. That looks so pleasant – love the squirrel!

    • Hi, Lydia. The Historic Gardens are lovely. There are squirrels everywhere. #TPThusday

  4. Glad you know you have moved to your apartment. I am assuming there are still some details relate to settling in. This garden is so beautiful. Lately, I have been craving nature and the outdoors. We have been to very beautiful places as a result. Hope we can visit more before the end of the year.

    • Hi, Ruth. Yes, I am so happy to be getting settled. There still a lot going on with the condo, but I think we’ll be just about finished by the beginning of next week. Now, I am looking for furniture. After living in big cities for so many years I thrilled to be closer to nature again, and it’s never overly crowded in Nova Scotia. #TPThursday

  5. What a beautiful park! I can see why it’s a nationally top rated park in Canada. I can only imagine how this place must look during the Spring and in summer when filled with blooms. That squirrel is adorable!

    • Hi, Mary. I was here during the summer many years ago, and it is gorgeous. There are squirrels everywhere and they are sweet. I hope I can get some better shots one of these days. #TPThursday

  6. These gardens look like a lovely place for a wander. I love the look of that first pathway, and the garden benches with the firepit. Have a wonderful weekend ahead and thank you again for the link up.

    • Hi, Jill. I love the firepit. It was lit the other night when I went to the Farmers Market held there once a week in the fall/winter; very inviting. Thanks for linking up this week. #TPThursday

  7. These gardens look beautiful, even in Autumn. I love that cute little black squirrel too.

    • Hi, Kathy. They really are and the light was nice the afternoon I walked through. #TPThursday

  8. Love the gray squirrels – so different from the squirrels in my area. Looks like a great place to wander!

    • Hi, Jill. These squirrels are huge! I love their bushy tails. #TPThursday

  9. I love that welcoming trio of park benches and fire pit. It would be a great addition to the winter market. I am a tree hugger from way back so I would love to visit.

    • Hi Jan,

      I’m sure you would love the Historic Gardens. Last Friday they had the winter farmer’s market there, and the firepit was lit. Lovely! Thanks for co-hosting. #TPThursday

  10. The gardens are so lovely, Nancie and your photos do a wonderful job of conveying some of the wonder you must feel when you walk through this beautiful setting. It’s a joy to see some of the colors of Autumn in your pictures and who doesn’t love squirrels? So glad to hear that you’ve moved into your new condo finally and are getting settled in. It’s been a long time coming so it must be all the sweeter to finally have your own place again!

    • Hi Anita!

      Yes, I am happy to be getting settled again, and I’m loving getting to know another area of my home province. I’m also anxious to start planning my next travel destination. You can’t keep a traveler marooned for long!

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