Halifax: Nova Center is Born

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Downtown Halifax is changing, and one of those big changes is the Nova Center construction on Argyle Street in the city’s downtown core. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this new development, and it has changed the character and ambiance of one of Halifax’s best-known bar streets. Welcome to week 293 of Travel Photo Thursday. Let’s have a stroll down Argyle Street and see what’s all the fuss.

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Argyle Street

The bars lining both sides of Argyle Street were quiet on this Sunday afternoon. That probably had something to do with the summer heat and a perfect beach day. Who’s going to sit in a bar when you can sit in the sand, eh? The brick building just at the end of the patio is Halifax’s Neptune Theater. The theater has a good reputation, and when I lived in Halifax, I always had a season ticket. The most memorable performance I ever saw here headlined Halifax’s Denny Doherty of Mama’s and Papa’s fame, chronicling his relationship with Mama Cass.





The Nova Center

Here’s my first glimpse of Nova Center. My immediate thought was BIG! Spanning two city blocks, it will boast commercial towers, a boutique hotel, a convention center, and much more, by the time it’s completed. I couldn’t get a  photo of the entire building with one shot. This first one is the front facade at the beginning of the block and the second shot was taken at the end of the second block. All of the other buildings on the street dwarf in comparison and Nova Center is a game changer for the area. It’s little wonder that businesses are demanding compensation from the city for lost business during the construction phase. I understand progress, but not so sure that I’m happy with this particular development. Maybe that’s because I spent many a Friday night across the street from Nova Center sipping white cadillacs and rusty nails at the Jury Room in the city’s historic Carleton Hotel. Built in 1760 it’s the city’s third oldest building.



I love the reflections, and I have to say that I have never seen so many cranes in downtown Halifax. There seems to be a new building going up on just about every corner, and many of them are condos.




The Carleton Hotel (circa 1760)



How fitting that right next door, we have St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Built in 1749 it’s the city’s oldest building and the oldest Protestant place of worship in Canada. I love the steeple against the blue sky.




Halifax Harbor

Finally, a view of the Halifax harbor is never far away, when you’re in the downtown core.


m_Halifax Harbour View


Have you ever visited Halifax’s best-known “bar” street? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I had to go back and look at my last Halifax photos and see that we didn’t get to the “bar” street! Strange for us.

  2. Funny, I had always imagined Halifax as a sleepy little city – not one with such ambitious plans and shiny glass towers. You have certainly changed the picture in my mind.

  3. This is a different side of Halifax from what you’ve shown before. Love all that modern architecture. I’ve never been to Halifax but have longed to go since you started posting about it over the years 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tour of “Bar Street” in Halifax. It looks like a lovely place to settle in for a drink or two!

  5. Okay, so I always think of this area as quaint little villages – how beautiful and modern is this place!!?? Wow!

  6. I followed your link to the Carleton Hotel. It is true that a drink there will be a totally different thing when this new development goes ahead.

  7. This is much more urban than my imagination pictured Halifax! Why do developers always go for such big projects? They could accommodate lots of shops, hotels, and other businesses on a much smaller, more human scale in a series of smaller projects.

  8. It’s always a little sad when progress marches on and changes the face of a city you know so well. When I go back to visit my parents on the outskirts of Houston, I can still the farms and pastures that used to be where strip malls and master planned neighborhoods now stand. While part of me misses the bucolic, rural setting, I know that I would have LOVED to have a mall that close when I was a teen living there.

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