Travel Photo Thursday — March 28, 2013 — Finding Your “Om” on the road in Korea

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Korean Images

Visitors to the often frantic and go-go pace of Korea’s capital Seoul would be surprised to discover that a very short drive outside the city limits will bring them to numerous serene Korean images and scenes. Welcome to the March 28th, 2013 edition of Travel Photo Thursday. As always, the days and weeks are barreling along, whether I like it or not! Lots of drama behind the scenes this week, with the techie side of things. However, patience and a cool head (or so it seemed) prevailed, and things finally seem to be back to normal (fingers crossed, and I’m going to search for a 4-leaf clover this afternoon!) My apologies for not making it around to see everyone’s posts last week. Hopefully, this week will be different! My inspiration for this week’s photos comes from the 21-Day Meditation Challenge I am involved in this month (and loving). I’m sharing shots of some of my more peaceful travel moments in Korea.


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 Korean Gazebo, Nongdari Bridge, Jincheon, Korea

Korean Gazebo at Nongdari Bridge


Korean Images

A peaceful moment with the sitting Buddha, Mt. Seorakson, Korea


The Sitting Budda, Mt Seorakson, Kangwondo Province, Korea


Stillness…Hwaeomsa Temple




View from a bench at Cheongnamdae, Korea; summer home to some of  the former South Korean presidents



Cheongnamdae, South Korea


Wildflowers and a sunset for that perfect “OM” moment in Buyeo, Korea.

Wild Flowers


Sunset, Daecheon Beach, Korea: How could you not find your OM here?


Sunset, Daecheon Beach, Korea


Travelers Tip

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  1. All beautiful pictures, Nancie! I love all the shots you selected and they really are inspirational places to meditate especially the ones overlooking the ocean. Glad to hear everything has been resolved with your site. The meditation challenge looks great I may need to look into it.

    • Thanks, Mary. The meditation challenge really is worth the effort.

  2. Hi Nancie, those are beautiful zen-inducing photos. I couldn’t take my eyes off the first photo; the colors make me both happy and calm. Nice to hear about your meditation challenge. I hope I can do the same one of these days. Let us know how it goes. Good to know you resolved your tech problems. I’m having some of my own and still trying to resolve them.

    • The first shot is my favorite, too! Yeah, not sure if the tech problems are totally solved or not. Now I seem to be having issues with inlinkz. The thumbnails for previous weeks are not loading properly, and it is taking 10 minutes for the site to completely load! Hopefully, the people at inlinkz will respond quickly. I tried for 2 hours to fix it and no luck (:

  3. This selection of photos is simply stunning, Nancie: the colours of nature and the bright reds of the temple, all so gorgeous.

  4. I LOVE your image down the passageway of the temple. Fantastic lines, colour, POV, DOF, perspective, everything! Great shot! Also that field of wild flowers – amazing! – how I would love to be there in that field with my camera.
    Have a wonderful week, and thank you again for the opportunity to contribute to Travel Photo Thursday.

    • Jill, it’s amazing what you can stumble into when your looking for the Johnny on the spot…haha. Thanks for your kind words!

  5. It always amazes me when a photo can convey a feeling – such as peace. All beautiful photos – love the colours of the gazebo, the temple, the flowers and the sunset! And the Buddha is incredible!

    • This Buddha is probably one my favorites in Asia, and I have visited a few over the years!

  6. That shot of the columns at the temple is my favorite. It’s so striking. I’m cursed with a monkey mind and find meditation so difficult, but these pictures do have such a calming effect. My friend and her toddler are headed off to Seoul next week, so I’ve directed her to your site.

    • I’m sure they will enjoy Seoul and thanks for sending them my way. My trick with meditation is to listen to a guided meditation. Keeps my mind from wandering, and very relaxing.

  7. Your photos this week are beautiful. I can’t even decide which one would be my favorite but it may be the wild flowers or the beach. They both look so still and peaceful.

  8. Nancie – your sitting Buddha and Stillness shots are out of this world. Such drama in the Stillness and such peacefulness with the Buddha.

    • Love capturing moments like these. For me, it’s like I’m making the camera talk.

  9. OMMMMMMMMMMMM – I’m feeling so serene and at one with my inner chi! Love the stillness you’ve captured.

  10. Thanks, as always for hosting Travel Photo Thursday, Nancie, and what a gorgeous selection you have this week for us. I love the one of the passageway with the red pillars – the perspective and the colours stopped me in my tracks. However, the beach you photographed would be where I’d choose to meditate.

    • Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but CommentLuv appears not to be working, Nancie?

    • I am so pleased that you liked the shots Johanna. I’m not sure why the Comment Luv did not work for you. Hopefully, it will next time!

  11. The sitting Buddha stole the show, and so he should seeing you are
    doing a meditation challenge. Enjoy the challenge.

    • I really am enjoying the challenge, and this is definitely one of my favorite Buddha statues in Asia.

  12. Some peaceful meditation sounds wonderful right now. Your photos certainly do convey being in a soothing place. I can just about feel the stillness of the beautiful temple.

  13. Beautiful photos! They are making me nostalgic, remembering a lot of really peaceful moments I had during my travels…

  14. I should try meditating on these beautiful photos, Nancie, I’ll probably do better. Started a 21-day challenge with Deepak Chopra and made it to Day 2 — I’ve been bad this time around. Time to get back on track. Thanks for this beautiful nudge.

  15. Oh such a calming post – enough to make me want to brew a cup of tea, shut my eyes and think of nothingness. Nice selection of photos, Nancie! And as always, thanks for hosting us all!

  16. I have found my Om this week–on spring break! I love the sunset show, though I am a sucker for almost any sunrise or sunset shot.

  17. The temple photo is gorgeous. I love the architectural elements and bright colors. It reminds me of our Asian adventure.

  18. Meditation must be helping to keep a cool head 🙂 Beautiful photos. Love the river and wild flowers photos.

  19. Love the photos. They’re so bright and springy (not at all the way it is in NYC right now!).

    BTW i tried to post but Linky kept stopping me because my photo didn’t have a backlink to this site? I didn’t really understand the error message. was it a mistake or can you clarify what that means?

  20. Those wildflowers are beautiful and the sunset. I love to find special places on my travels as well for meditation.

  21. Traditional Korean architecture seems to fall somewhere in between the Chinese and Japanese styles, and for me, this is the charm of it. Beautifully shown here, as are your landscapes, Nancie.


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