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Welcome to week 231 (06/04/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that Korea is trying to come to terms with an outbreak of MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome). As of an hour ago my classes have been canceled for next week (make-up week), so I have loads of time to prepare for my exams the following week. This is definitely the summer that I do not want to be here, but it looks like I will be, or at least for most of it. I am moving to Seoul, and will be starting a new job in September. Those changes are both good, but it means getting rid of my apartment here, and finding new digs in Seoul. I never knew that most apartments for rent don’t get advertised until 3 weeks before move in date! On that note, I have been reading a lot of inspirational quotes lately to get myself inspired to travel Korea this summer. Of course, that’s when I’m not packing boxes! 🙂  There is so much to see and do in country, but habits like traveling out of country are so hard to break. Hopefully, these favorite inspirational quotes will help me get inspired to visit and enjoy the beauty that is right outside my ‘back door’.

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I have never been a huge Mark Twain fan, but I have always loved this quote. Egypt was an epic journey for me (2004), and I was a little leery of traveling solo. The thing is I really dislike organized tours beyond a day or two. However, I knew that there were things that I might have a difficult time doing on my own in Egypt. Visiting the Pyramids wasn’t one of them, but that visit turned out to be magical even with a tour group. We pretty much had the place to ourselves that morning, and no idea why! There are no tour buses in this photo! Although there were things about the tour that I disliked, without the tour, as a solo traveler, I would have had a difficult time sailing down the Nile on a Felucca, sleeping under the stars in the desert after I rode a camel through a mountain pass, or a trip to Abu Simbal in an armed convey. Okay, the guns definitely put me way out of my comfort zone! Even the camel ride had me questioning my sanity!

Would I have been disappointed if I hadn’t gotten to sleep in the desert, sail down the Nile, or wander through ancient Abu Simbel with its amazing huge carvings and take your breath away hieroglyphics …YEP!

Pyramids at Giza, Egypt

Pyramids at Giza, Egypt

I love love love this quote. I truly believe that as travelers each time we leave on a journey we’re starting a new life. We can be who we want to be as we travel through modern cities, hike over mountains, or enjoying Seville’s gorgeous Alcazar. This is one of my favorite photos from Seville.


Alcazar in Seville

Seville’s Alcazar


I think this one speaks for itself 🙂


Balloons Over Bagan, Bagan Myanmar

Balloons Over Bagan, Bagan Myanmar


Which of these three is your favorite? If you have your own favorite travel quote, please leave it in the comments.

This is the 231st edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.

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  1. Interesting quotes. I think the third one is my favorite…

    • Hi Lili. I find it impossible to choose a favorite!

  2. Oh my gosh Nancie, such big news! We must Skype and get caught up. What is the time difference between Greece and Korea anyway?? Such an exciting summer you have ahead of you. As for the quote, the second is my favorite and especially at this point in time, I believe that you can live more than two lives. . sure feels that way right now!

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, I would love to Skype. I just checked the world clock site and you are 6 hours behind me, which isn’t bad. I’ll be in touch soon. I’m right in the middle of getting exams ready for next week, so a bit frantic at the moment.

  3. Hmm… tough one. I think perhaps the second one. So many lives choose from 😉

    • Hi Sophie! I know, so hard to choose a favorite!

  4. I”m a sucker for a good travel quote and you have used one of my favorites – #3. It certainly fits the bill for why I travel.

    • Hi Jill! That quote does speak volumes!

  5. I have become more fond of Mark Twain as I see his travels when I travel.

    I agree about tours, but Egypt was the first time we ever booked a tour for the entire trip – but it was private for only four of us.
    It was an incredible country to visit.

  6. I think the last one is my favourite quote. But then I would also hate to get to the end of my life and think “I wish I had….”.
    Happy travels, and happy packing!

  7. Sounds like you have quite the summer ahead of you, but get out there and explore. I’ve always liked the Mark Twain quote, but then, I like most things by Twain 😉

  8. Hi Nancie, congratulations and good luck on your move to Seoul. I’m sure it will be a good change for you. I hope you get a chance to explore locally.
    I love all the quotes. They always inspire me everytime I read them. Another favorite travel quote I love is from Mohammed – “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled.”

  9. Not sure if quote number one is my favorite or if I prefer quote number two. I think the two of them are somewhat related. Do the things you really want to do because if not you will be disappointed latter in life. But in order to do the things you want to do, you will need to deviate from the only life you may have now until certain point. These quotes come at a perfect moment because tomorrow I am meeting with a dear friend of mine to take about things related to the wisdom expressed in these quotes. Best wished on your upcoming move!

  10. I love them all Nancie! Enjoy your weekend, and good luck on moving to Seoul.

  11. These are all great quotes, Nancie. But, I’m leaning towards the last one. It’s simple but profound and really one of the main reasons we travel. Good luck with you move to Seoul, the exams and staying well away from the outbreak.

  12. I definitely like the last quote as I believe it to be so true. Your photos accompanying the quotes are absolutely beautiful. One of my favourite travel quotes is “I haven’t been everywhere but I’d like to go there sometime”.

  13. Must be pretty stressful not to know so late in the game what apartment is available. So you’re packing and looking at the same time – that’s a lot! I’ve moved twice already this year already, so I understand.
    I like all three quotes but I like yours, “I truly believe that as travelers each time we leave on a journey we’re starting a new life.” Someone, can’t remember who now, said something similar to me just before I left on my first trip to Africa. I didn’t understand it at the time – but I do now. I do believe our lives change each time we travel.
    I thought you were planning to visit Canada this summer. Whichever backyard you end up exploring, I know you’ll have fun, Nancie!

  14. All great quotes are great Nancie but for us, travel is our life so your third quote resonates. All the best for your new and exciting move to Seoul.

  15. I like all of those travel quotes but my favorite is:

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.
    (Robert Frost)

  16. I like both the Twain quote and the description of your trip to Egypt. That tour sounds wonderful. I want to do all those things. I think one of the reasons why I want to travel so much now is that I feel like I’m in a quiet period in my life when it’s possible. I’m grabbing the opportunity while I can. Best wishes on your move and the new job.

  17. I actually like Mark Twain, maybe years of studying his books, but in this case I may go with the 2nd quotes

  18. I’ve always been a fan of Mark Twain at his cynical best, especially the book “Letters From The Earth.” However, Anna Quindlen, one of my absolute favorite authors, wins with the second quote. I love the fact that we have the ability to change the direction of our lives through travel or other means.

  19. I love the second quote! I think my favorite travel quotes are those that inspire, and that is certainly the case with #2!

  20. I love them all, and the Mark Twain quote is a particular favourite.

  21. My favorite travel quote is not really a travel quote. It is, “We are lost but making great time.”

  22. Always like to find good travel quotes, especially like the Anna Quindlen one.

  23. So hard to choose just one favorite travel quote. They all inspire me to travel more and enjoy the journey.


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