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Today I’m welcoming Sofia as a guest blogger.  Sofia writes a travel blog, Sofia na Australia, after moving here with only her backpack in 2009. As an avid traveller she has found many excuses to explore this side of the world, sharing the fantastic photos and experiences of her travels with her friends and readers.



Yep, it’s a cliché, but I do like many common phrases. “The best things in life are free” has been said a lot because it’s definitely true!

Coming to Australia is expensive but once you are here you don’t need to spend a bucket of money to experience the many great things that the land down under can offer- even nothing at all…

To help you out, Tourism Australia has even issued a list of the best 100 things to do for free.

Here are a few of my most favourite little pleasures to do in Australia, none of which cost a cent.

Sleeping under the stars

Who needs a five star hotel when the great outdoor offers splendid views to you?

Instead you can be by the water front or at a beautiful water hole in the outback watching the ever-changing scene and amazing number of stars, completely absorbed in the surroundings.

Carrying a small tent, a pot or two and a good sleeping bag, leave out the TV and reconnect with nature. Touch it, feel it, play in it and sleep in it…

go wild


Go wild

You can see many tourist parks with many animals. Sure, this is a guaranteed way to see all the animals in a quick time, but nothing beats the real thing does it? Do a search for National Parks and have a walk early in the morning or later in the afternoon and see what amazing creatures you find. Australia is relatively unspoiled. There are great parks near many capital cities where you can see kangaroos, koalas, wombats and many other marsupials from this amazing land.

Dine out

Aussies love bbq. And why not when the warm weather encourages you to be outside and enjoy a cool breeze after a warm day. The amazing thing is that there are usually a number of bbqs available to use right on the beach. All you have to do is a push a button for an electric bbq to fire up. The only cost is your food and utensils. With large picnic tables for your food and chairs to sit with friends, this is pretty hard to beat! There are so many great parks by the water in any small town. I love making a brew of coffee and stopping to enjoy a great view at one of these spots. They are usually the best views in town and don’t cost a cent to enjoy.

snack on the beach

Sunset walks

There is nothing more romantic than taking a walk as the sun goes down. Hopefully men reading this will pick up on this subtle cue… Having this quiet moment when on holiday really makes it feel just like it should. In Australia you will always be rewarded with amazing colours in the sky regardless of where you are. It is also impressive to see the number of birds coming home to call it a night. We have had many walks at night, and have been rewarded with the sight of many animals- wombats in the grassland, penguins in the sand dunes, lorikeets at the beach, dolphins swimming back out from the shore. What a great moment and such a treat! All free of course.

best coffee spot

You can read more about Sofia’s budget adventures and tips on her blog SOFIAnaAustralia.

You can join her Facebook page here. 



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  1. These are great tips for enjoying Australia on a budget.

  2. Loads of fun things to do here. Australia is one of our fave places. If only it weren’t so far away…

    • Sophie, I loved Australia when I was there so many years ago. I can only imagine how much it has changed, and I do hope to go back one of these days.

  3. Love the way Sofia handles her travel. It’s all budget-friendly! Australia is a very nice place to explore. I particularly love the Southwest!

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