Daejeon’s Expo Bridge for Travel Photo Thursday

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I had to go out twice yesterday, and came back blue with cold. It was definitely the coldest day of the year here in Daejeon, so far. To confirm, I checked my weather app and it was -10c, and very windy! Needless to say, I am fast forwarding to Sunday when I will be arriving in balmy Bangkok. However, first, for this week’s Travel Photo Thursday (#206) I want to introduce you to Daejeon’s Expo Bridge. Trust me, these photos were taken when it was much, much warmer!

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I’m a morning person. Five o’clock on the dot (sometimes earlier) my feet hit the floor. While I might not be Chatty Cathy in the early morning, it is my favorite time of the day. I have always been lucky enough to live within a ten minute walk of Daejeon’s Gapcheon River, and I spend a lot of time there in the wee hours of the morning. A focal point of the river is the Expo Bridge, built in 1993 when Daejeon was host to the World Expo. The bridge sees only foot traffic, and connects to Expo Park (which is in the process of being torn down). Thankfully the bridge will remain.

 Expo Bridge early morning views…

What’s not to love about the glow of the early morning…


Expo Bridge, Daejeon, Korea




A little later in the morning when the sun has fully risen…

This shot was taken in September, which is one of the best times of the year to visit. The brilliant blue skies are common this time of the year, and the summer humidity is pretty much a memory.

The tower in the background is the Hanbit Tower (often called “The Needle”). I’ve just realized that I’ve never visited the observatory at the top. Apparently, like the Expo Bridge, it will be incorporated into the building project that is underway. I must make a point of getting to the top one of these days!


Expo Bridge, Daejeon, Korea


One last view from above the river walkway…


Expo Bridge, Daejeon,Korea


The peace and serenity of this final shot is why I will always be an early riser (at least when it’s not -10c!)


Herons on the Gapcheon River, Daejeon, Korea



Travelers Tip 

While Daejeon is not a tourist mecca, there is certainly enough to do here to keep you happily entertained for a day or two. With a population of  (ONLY) 1.5 million the city will feel like a village after rubbing elbows with some of the ten million Seoulites for a few days. The KTX train can whisk you here in a mere 50 minutes, or if you prefer there is a two hour slow train or bus. If you want to experience early morning on the river, I recommend that you overnight.

Is Korea a destination that’s on your travel list?


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  1. Love your early morning shots of the Expo Bridge. Simply stunning! Korea is not on my travel list, but I would not rule it out completely. I do want to see Japan and Cambodia/Laos however.

  2. Hi Kathy. You can definitely get cheap flights between Japan and Korea.

  3. Hi Nancie, early morning risers always get the best photography reward. I adore you early morning shots of off the Expo Bridge. The lighting is stunning and the reflection is breathtaking. Your last shot is very painterly. So peaceful and serene indeed. I’m so glad they’re keeping the bridge.

    • Hi Marisol. I agree 100%, and sometimes when I travel I get a bit lax about my 5am routine. Definitely not the time to do that, so I am going to make a point to catch the early morning in Bangkok next week.

  4. I love getting up early when I’m traveling, too. There’s a special atmosphere early in the morning. Nothing like watching a city wake up.

    • Hi Sophie. Cities are so different in the early morning. Always worth getting up for.

  5. I love the bridge photos, especially the ones with the Hanbit Tower in the background. And yes, Korea is definitely on my travel list… (^_^)

    • I hope you make it to Korea soon!

  6. These are beautiful Nancie and worth waking up early for. The bridge is beautiful but I especially love your last shot of serenity. I’m not much of an early riser and I don’t have any sunrise photos that I can remember but photos like yours make me think twice. Wishing you safe travels to Bangkok and Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Mary. I hope you add some sunrise shots to your collection in 2015. Merry Christmas!

  7. A spectacular series of images from some very well chosen points of view, Nancie!

  8. The early morning golden hour is my favorite, too, for serenity’s sake. Your photos are stunning.

  9. You’re a true early riser. I wish I was for photography reasons alone.
    Nice to hear Calgary is way warmer than Korea. We’ve had close to three weeks of temps around the 0C mark.

    Have a Merry Christmas Nancie and enjoy Thailand.

  10. Korea isn’t on my list unless I unexpectedly get to about 50 countries much faster than I anticipate and have some extra time and money (ha ha re the money). But I love seeing your pictures and the bridge in the very early morning. I’m most decidedly not a morning person and envy those who are! But I get some good sunset shots!

  11. Korea is very much on our “I want to go there” list but, now that you’ve mentioned it, we’ll wait until it’s warmer! Love your photos of the Expo Bridge which show off so many vantage points. Beautiful, especially with the water acting as a mirror.

  12. I love this bridge! And your pictures of it are absolutely gorgeous. I’m not a morning person at all (I wish I were), so I’m jealous of your being up early when the world is still and quiet.

  13. I really like the view from across the river walkway. It’s so colorful. By the way, I am definitely not an early rise. Sunrises will be a rare photograph for me.

  14. Great post. Lovely morning shots of the Expo Bridge. Simply amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us.


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