Come to Daejeon for the Best Burgers in Korea

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Every once in a while, I want a REALLY good burger. For me that means a hamburger patty made with good qualify ground beef, topped with all the burger “fixins”…tomato, lettuce, onion, a bit of sauce all on a good bun and at a price that won’t break the budget. There are a few popular burger joints in Korea, but none of them really do it for me. The burgers are too bland, too perfect (I like a little messy), and way too expensive! After you pay $9 bucks for the burger, do you really want to be set back another $7 or $8 bucks for fries and a beverage? I didn’t think so.

Welcome to Daejeon’s GRILL HOUSE, a quaint 10 seater diner owned and operated  by New Jersey trained Korean chef, Brian Kim. I’ve known about this place for a while, but I had never made it a mission to find it until last week. Once I made up my mind there was no turning back, and finding it was not that difficult. I arrived late and was glad that I did.  A lunch time crowd would have had the Grill House bulging.

First order of business was to peruse the menu, and so many choices! I finally zeroed in on the Texas Burger. Taking my order, Brian asked me how I wanted my egg cooked. OH, there’s an egg on that one, I didn’t know. I really wasn’t in the mood for an egg on my burger, so I quickly changed to my second choice, the teriyaki burger.  Fries and a water rounded out my meal.

The wait wasn’t that long, and I took the time to notice that two other tables were occupied by Koreans; a good sign.

TADA…my burger arrived!; looking awesome. The fries were nicely cooked, and I liked the look of the bun and the meat patty, with the lettuce, tomato and onion giving a little peek show.


It was love at first bite! I was wowed at how good this burger was. I wanted it to last forever. I think I sat with my eyes closed between bites. I did not want to lose the moment. The fries were also the best I have eaten in Korea. I could have sworn I was eating somewhere in Canada.  There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be going back and often.  The bill came to $13.00 and that included a Perrier water.

Don’t you just love the kitschy feel from the pictures and posters lining the walls!



Travelers Tip

Open everyday from 11am to 10pm. Exit 4,Yongmun Station, walk straight towards Lotte Department Store. Enter the building with the Paris Baguette Bakery. Walk to the end of the hall, and the House Grill is on the right. Phone: 010-9165-5142. Limited seating, so you might want to avoid peak lunch and dinner hours. Take out available.


Where have you had that unforgettable burger, in your travels?


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  1. Burgers in Korea? Awesome! That would be a nice lunch choice when I got bored with Korean cuisine 🙂

    • You are so right! I usually eat Korean, but sometimes it is nice to have a change. Good western choices are hard to come by, so I get excited when I find something that is delicious and not badly priced 🙂

  2. It’s always great when you find a good burger in Korea, isn’t it?

    Bummer about the Texas burger. I assure you that us Texans don’t usually eat eggs on our burgers.

    • Hi Megan…you are so right! It’s good to hear that an egg on your burger is not authentic Texan…haha. I wonder where the chef came up with that one! 🙂

  3. It’s not always easy to find a good burger place when we’re away. So it’s nice you found a good one 🙂

    • Not quite as exciting as the top restaurants in Paris, but newsworthy when your in a small Korean city! 🙂

  4. I know just how you feel when you decide you just have to have a burger but can’t find an authentic one. Now that you know where to go you can indulge whenever you get the urge. Could you have had the Texan without the egg. I know sometimes this causes problems 🙂

  5. It’s funny how when you’ve been away from home for an extended period, you just want to taste something familiar and comforting. I too love a good burger every now and then, and I’m glad you found a place to satisfy your craving!

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