Colorful Bongwansa Temple Dragons for Travel Photo Thursday

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Welcome to 225 ( 04/30/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. This week we’re doing a return visit to Bongwansa Temple in the heart of Seoul. Way back in 2012 I spent an afternoon here, blown away by the fantastic display of lotus blossoms. You can have a peak at those photos here. Today, we go back to meet the gorgeous temple dragon. Korean temples often feature dragons, and this one is a beauty!

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As you can see this shot includes both the head and the dragon’s neck. What I think is unique about this particular dragon are the blue markings. This is the only temple dragon I have ever seen containing blue. Usually, it is the green and red that are prominent. I think the blue really adds to it!

Dragon Bongwansa Temple, Seoul


Now we have this gorgeous head with no blue markings; instead focusing on the green with yellow and red.


Dragon's Head Bongwansa Temple, Seoul


Regardless of the colors used, I think both are beautiful and great examples of the temple dragons here in Korea.

One final shot of the beautiful lotus blossoms that truly make Bongwansa Temple so special.


Bongwon Temple, Seoul


If you are ever in Seoul, and want to visit the temple check out my previous post to learn how to get there, etc.

This is the 225 edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.


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  1. These are beautiful! Sending on to my daughter to visit while she’s in Seoul.

    • Hi Jill…so glad you liked them. I’m sure your daughter will enjoy the temple. It really is lovely!

  2. Nancie, these are great photos! Oh my goodness, how taken we are with the Far East as they call our routing on this cruise. We are being reminded of all that we love about your area of the world. . .and now are headed to the Middle East. To all my fellow bloggers, I promise I will get back to commenting and reading as soon as we hit land and I have more time for reading and writing!

    • Hi Jackie. I am so happy that you and Joel are having such a great time. I am following your escapades on Facebook, and enjoying every update!

  3. Gorgeous! One can never get tired of photographing dragons!

    • Hi Jackie! Isn’t that the truth! I so love them.

  4. Your photos are always so colorful! The details in this dragon are amazing.

    • Thanks, Ruth. I love all the detail and the color. It’s not very often that I see one that isn’t full of color.

  5. Being an ex dragonboat paddler I love dragons whatever the colour and design! And those lotus flowers are just gorgeous.
    Happy travels.

  6. What beautiful and colorful dragons! I don’t think I’ve ever visited a Korean temple before and seeing dragons like these are just a bonus. I rally love how you captured the vibrant lotus flowers.

    • Hi Mary. A lot of Korean temples feature dragons. I had a great time photographing the lotus flower that day. They were everywhere.

  7. Nancie, these are beautiful pictures! Makes me miss Korea!

    • Hi Corinne…Thanks! Come and visit 🙂

  8. That’s one colourful dragon. Reminds me of a big tattoo…

  9. Now I cannot remember if the Chinese temple dragons in Penang had blue in them. Regardless, the ones you show are striking. That lotus bloom is so vivid, too.

    • Hi Michele. I’m pretty sure that they do.

  10. I think it’s fascinating that so many different cultures have dragons in the mythology and lore. You have to wonder what common part of the imagination such a creation has fed over time.

    • Hi true! I have gone anywhere in Asia without running into dragons.

  11. Seoul is definitely one of the most beautiful places. Hopefully, I will visit soon. Thanks for sharing this.

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