Chiang Mai’s Annual Flower Festival — Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

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As I caught sight of the flower stalls cheerfully lining the street in front of Chiang Mai’s Buak Hat Park, I wondered why I had thought that maybe this years festival wouldn’t hold a lot of appeal to me. We all know the saying “familiarity builds contempt”, and after all, this will be my 5th flower festival in as many years. However, I needn’t have worried, as soon as I saw the first blossom I was hooked, and my camera was thrown into overdrive. All of the flowers and plants on display are part of the festival’s annual flower contest, so there are some real beauties to be admired and photographed. This morning is the parade, so I am trying to give you a little taste of what I saw yesterday before I hit the street to find a good vantage point to view and photograph a parade that generally lasts about 4 (YES FOUR) hours.

Enjoy the stunning orchids and lilies that I captured with my trusty Nikon…


In the morning light...


Orchids in the Morning Light, Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013



There is nothing mellow about this yellow…
Yellow Orchids, Chiang Mai Flower Festival, 2013



Blazing PINK…


Pink Orchids, Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013


A subtle pink and white lily for a change of pace…


White and Pink Lilly, Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013



Getting ready to show its beauty…


Lilly, Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013



Another burst of amazing color…


Orange Orchids, Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013


Travelers Tip:

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is an annual event, usually held the first weekend in February. In addition to the beautiful flowers, you can enjoy traditional dancing and music, and there is no lack of delicious Thai food. Everything (except the food), is FREE. 


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  1. Flowers never cease to amaze me even though how many times I look at them. They are always as lovely.

  2. Funny how we have that wee bit of apprehension about returning to someplace we’ve so enjoyed in the past and isn’t it wonderful when we renew our delights all over again. Beautiful flower shots, Nancie.

    • Exactly! We should never underestimate the power of something beautiful, regardless of how many times we’ve experienced it.

  3. Such beautiful flower shots! I was in Thailand last year during this festival but was down south. Gives me an excuse to go back!

  4. Orchids never fail to stand out. I haven’t seen the orange orchids. Beautiful!

    • I never tire of orchids. I think this is the first time I have seen the orange ones.

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