Chiang Mai: Hinlay Curry House for Foodie Tuesday

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This is my contribution to Foodie Tuesday, hosted by Inside Journeys. If you missed last week’s Foodie Tuesday, have a peek! 🙂

The Ping River divides Chiang Mai, and many visitors never make it over to the “other side”. However, it’s easy to get there, and well worth the trip. You have a choice of  one of several bridges, or you could probably even swim. Swimming would not be my first choice!  The Ping River does not look particularly appealing! I generally walk (a pleasant 30 minute stroll from the old city), and then I can justify eating more! However, I’m sure any tuk-tuk or songthaew would get you close.

Quite a number of  lovely restaurants line the banks of the river, and there are also a number of local shops selling antiques, and traditional Thai products. Really though, I am digressing. I am not taking you shopping today, or to a restaurant along the river bank. We’re going to a charming restaurant just in behind the main (and very busy) street that serves up some of the best curry in Chiang MaiHinlay Curry. I have been eating here for years, and it’s always high on my “to visit” when I arrive in town.

You can choose sit in the open air restaurant or among the greenery in the garden. I love the garden area, but have just realized that I have never sat in the garden and eaten a meal. I have no idea why! This is a very good reason to go backEAT IN THE GARDEN!

As you can read, the prices are excellent!

Closed on Sunday
Closed on Sunday
Hinlay's relaxing garden setting.

Hinlay’s relaxing garden setting.

Dishes are cooked as ordered, so remember this is not MacDonald’s. You may have to wait a few minutes, and when your curry does arrivehmmm. You can read a book, or entertain yourself with your phone or tablet. Free WiFi is available. Of course, if you’re dining with someone this is the perfect opportunity for some scintillating  conversation!

Read a book while you're waiting.

Read a book while you’re waiting.

Like most restaurant menus in Thailand, there is a lot on offer. I tend to waffle over the main dish before making that all important decision. I often like to try something new, but then my favorites start whispering… I’m here, I’m here…

The Massaman curry is one that I have a difficult time resisting. Teeming with potatoes, cooked just right, and the sweetness of the curry is just so yummy. This is the perfect curry for anyone you can’t tolerate a lot of spice. I’m thinking of my friend Suzanne 🙂

Hinlay's awesome Massaman Curry.

Hinlay’s awesome Massaman Curry.

At the other end of the spicy spectrum is the vindaloo curry. I remember the first time I ever ordered it. The server looked at me in disbelief “You know that’s really really spicy?” “I sure do. Bring it on!” was my happy response. I could tell by the look on her face that she was doubtful I could pull it off.
I devoured the entire bowl, and lived to tell about it. The spice level was high, but not as hot as I thought it would be. The spice combined with a hint of sweet was a delicious assault to my taste buds, but definitely not a curry for those who flush at just the thought of spice!

Hinlay's spicy beef vindaloo curry.

Hinlay’s spicy beef vindaloo curry.

Did you notice that there is no rice on the table? Rice is good, but I find that I always end up in a carb coma afterwards. All I want to do is sleep. That’s the first reason that I opt out. The second reason is that Hinlay’s make the best garlic roti and naan. I switch it up. Sometimes naan, sometime roti; always garlic. Their out of this world yogurt and cucumber riata is the second reason. Combined with the garlic naan or roti, you have perfection. The riata is just a little tart, and that is a great complement to the garlic.

Location and Map

8/1 Nha Wat Kate Road, Soi 1, Chiang Mai/Phone 053-242621

"B" marks the location, right next to the luxurious 137 Pillars Hotel

“B” marks the location, right next to the luxurious 137 Pillars Hotel


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  1. Okay, you’ve made me hungry. I’m putting Hinlay Curry House on the list for my visit to Chiang Mai.

    • Hi Donna! You won’t be disappointed. Hinlay does cook up some excellent curry!

  2. I remember all the amazing thai restaurants all over chang mai…ah the food is so amazing! this looks so delicious, wish i could take some kind of cyber sample!

    • Hi Noel! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just pass out hand through the monitor and take a little sample? Who knows, one of these days that may be a reality!

  3. Oh no. Now I’m famous for being a total hot spice wimp — really, on several continents. From your description, it does indeed seem as though even I could handle Hinlay’s Massaman Curry. I’d probably have lots of rice and a mango shake on standby — just in case.

    • Hi Suzanne…That’s a good plan. Rice and mango will always save the except. For me, it would be the mango!

  4. Oh shoot, I should have heeded your warning, now I’m hungry. That part of the world is not on our radar so I enjoy reading posts such as this. I like curry, but can’t do spicy, I’m a spicy wimp but my hubby on the other hand is all about the spice.

    • Hi Patti…Your hubby and I would get along great! I gravitate to spice, and I think it’s an acquired taste. I’ve been eating Kimchi for 13 years, so nothing is too spicy…:)

  5. Fun food in a great setting; what more can a traveler ask for?

    • Hi Irene…When it comes to food on the road I’m happy when it’s good, and a nice setting is always a bonus!

  6. Oh Nancie, my mouth is watering! I love, love, love curry and am with you on opting out of the rice. . .(although you wouldn’t know it from my Foodie Tuesday contribution this week). Love the setting and the foods from this lovely find!

    • Hi Jackie! The next time we meet it will be curry, and not at Subway 🙂

  7. We’d make good partners at that restaurant. Besides listening to your interesting and scintillating conversation, I love rice. Curry does more traveling up and down my digestive system than I care to describe, so I would need the mango drinks too.

  8. Everything looks so good!! Interesting and “yummy” story!

  9. Hi Marilyn! Gald you enjoyed the post 🙂

  10. Oh I’m so hungry now. I don’t think there’s a curry out there that I wouldn’t like. This place seems to have it all!

  11. I love vindaloo, love the spices. I’m so used to eating rice with curry, it’s difficult not to have even a spoonful and I also love naan and roti so I end up eating both. Hmmm, probably why I always feel so full after.
    Thanks for linking up this week, Nancie!

  12. It all looks delicious! When I was in Chiang Mai, I spent much of my time progressive eating because there were so many fabulous restaurants to go to.


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