Barcelona’s Barceloneta Beach

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Barceloneta Beach

When you visit Barcelona, Barceloneta Beach is only a short subway ride from downtown. The fresh salty smell of the ocean and the white, stick your toes in the sand beach, awaits. Welcome to week 286 (7/14/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. Let’s have a peek!

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Barceloneta Beach with its palm trees, boardwalk, white sand, and the salt air smells. What more can we ask for?


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain

Barceloneta Beach

Pinnable Image 

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach

Too chilly for swimming, but everyone is having fun.


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain


There was some serious beach sculpting going on!


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain


Of course, there’s a manger scene in the sand! 🙂


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain


Beautiful sun and shadows were playing in the sand.


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain


There are many great looking fresh seafood restaurants in the area, or you can visit the artisan food market a short walk across the street from the beach. I chose a bag of freshly made churros with a dusting of sugar, and I was not disappointed.

The maker of churro magic!


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain

The fresh handmade pepperoni is not to be missed.


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain

Barceloneta Beach is not without its touts.


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain


I was treated to a lovely, delicate winter sunset. Notice the airplane flying by.


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona Spain


The end of December is not laying on the beach kind of weather. However, people were having a great time, and the smell of salt air is always invigorating. For me, it really doesn’t matter the season, if there’s a beach close by I’ll be there to take in the sights and the ocean smells.

Have you been to Barceloneta beach? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Getting there: Metro stop “Barceloneta” (Yellow Line, L4)
Turn right when you leave the station. Cross the main road, and walk straight along Passeig de Joan de Borbo for about 10 minutes. You will see the marina on your right. 

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  1. I love your photos – especially the W hotel at sunset! Beautiful!

    • Hi Jill, and thanks. That beach is so lovely, and I lucked into a nice sunset as well!

  2. We visited Barceloneta around lunch time on a fat tire bike tour which involved jugs of sangria but then we had to peddle back to the old town faster than a dark cloud was. Very fun. Churos are always a good idea. Great photos. I love this beach.

    • Hi Jan. That sounds like a fun tour. I’d prefer the sangria over the bikes 🙂 Yes, never turn down a churro, and especially when they’re made right in front of you by a cute Spaniard! 🙂

  3. We’ve been to Barcelona on cruise stops or before boarding cruise ships and it seems that it never occurs to us to go to Barceloneta beach. I guess we get too caught up in all the city has to offer. . .but this post certainly makes me think we need to get there on a future visit!

    • Hi Jackie. It’s worth the quick trip. It’s easy to run out of time though when there is just so much to see in the city.

  4. I love the sand sculptures. We had our beach, Byron Bay in Australia, for a time a guy who used to build fantasy castles and then lit them up with candles in the evening. Spectacular! Sadly he moved on…

    • Hi Juergen. Aren’t they great! We have a big sand sculpture contest at a beach fairly close to where I live in Nova Scotia. I think it happens in August, so maybe I’ll get there this year. The artists take their work seriously, and have a lot of fun!

  5. Barcelona is on my wish list. The sand sculpture is amazing and I love the winter colours on the beach. It looks very appealing.

    • Hi Kathy. Barcelona is amazing. I wouldn’t mind living there for a few months and really getting to know the city.

  6. I spent more time street walking in Barcelona. I wish I had more time to visit the beach too. Great captures you have!
    Happy #TPT!

    • Thanks, Indrani. Barcelona is such a great city to walk in, and of course, never enough time to see everything!

  7. You were luckier than me. When I visited in mid October, the sky was cloudy and the wind strong. There was no scene at all. But, you encounter a beautiful day even in December.

    • Hi Ruth. A good reason to go back 🙂 It was cool that day, but I was very lucky to have the sun. 🙂

  8. So pretty! Sadly, we haven’t made it to Barcelona yet. I love that there’s still a lot of activity at the beach in December. Love those sand sculptures!

    • Hi Mary! I’m surprised that you haven’t been to Barcelona. I’m sure you’ll get there one of these days. I was surprised at all the activity. Then again, Europeans don’t seem to mind being out in the cold on a cool/cold day. I’m thinking of all the outdoor cafes that are filled even on the coldest days!

  9. Barcelona is amazing! I was there for Xmas 2104 and would LOOOVE to go back! #TravelPhotoThursday

    • Hi Lolo. I agree. I arrived on Christmas day 2015. What a great Christmas gift it was to me! 🙂

  10. As if Barcelona needs anything else to make it more perfect, it has a lovely beach too! We visited it several times during our month living in the city and, even though it was cold in May, it seemed to have a pull on both locals and tourists alike. All your pics are great but I especially like your palm tree shots!

    • Hi Anita. Thanks! I like that shot too. It’s definitely a popular beach. It’s so easy to get to, and many love the beach, even on a cold day. I had forgotten that you and Dick had lived in Barcelona for a month. I’d love to do that sometime.

  11. I love the sand sculptures. We rode bikes around the beach and it was delightful!

    • Hi Vicki! They are so great. Bikes on the beach would be fun!

  12. A lovely series, Nancie! And I particularly like the mood in the photo with the long shadows on the sand.

  13. I’ll be in Barcelona this summer with the family. Barceloneta Beach sounds like a place our three teenagers would really enjoy, especially the churros! And it’ll be hot enough to swim as well.

  14. Although I’m not a big fan of Barceloneta beach, the view for the W Hotel is indeed one of my favorites in Barcelona!

  15. I now want to jump on a plane and fly to Barcelona. I’ve only been to the city once, and we somehow never made it to Barceloneta. I really like the photos of the expert sandcastles — so much more impressive than what I can sculpt.

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