Barcelona: Arc de Triomf

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Welcome to Week 268 (3/3/2016) of  Travel Photo Thursday, showing off Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf. Classes started this week, so it’s a week of welcoming freshmen to their first day and week of classes, and all things English! Happy to say that I am back to working mornings, and my body clock feels so grateful 🙂 

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Designed by architect Josep Vilaseca, Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf was built for the 1888 Universal Exposition. It served as the gateway to the exposition, which took place in the Parc de la Ciutadella. With its imposing classical shape and decorative detail, today is is considered one of the city’s iconic landmarks. I strolled through on my last day in the city. Although you can see in the photos that people were wearing jackets, it was quite warm. The blue sky, palm trees, and the vibe from all of the pedestrians made for a very festive feel. There was definitely a giddy hint of spring in the air.


Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

From a bit of a different angle. I don’t know about you, but I get a fun feeling from this photo.


Arc de Triomf, Barcelona


In these next two shots you can see some of the intricate details.


Arc de Triomf, Barcelona


I love the carved figurines at the top left.


Arc de Triomf, Barcelona


One last shot from across the street. I love those angels and the turrets. Every little detail was so well thought out!


Arc de Triomf, Barcelona


Visiting the Arc de Triomf wasn’t really in my plans that day, but I kept seeing these arrows showing the way. I finally gave in and followed them and I was not disappointed!

You can take your chances and happen upon the Arc, like I did, or you can hop on the metro line 1 and exit at Arc de Triomf Station.


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  1. I’ve never been to Barcelona so I didn’t know this even existed but it is beautiful. Love your photos!

    • Hi Jill! Barcelona is a great city and I’m happy that you like my photos. See you next week!

  2. I remember the Arc de triomf well, visiting it on foot and on a bicycle tour. It is fun area especially on the week-ends when everyone is out enjoying themselves. I enjoyed your angles. It didn’t seem that long ago that you were on your way to Barcelona and now you are back in Korea. Scary!

    • Hi Jan. I know! Time moves fast when you’re having fun. The city had warmed up that day (cold for days), and people were excited to be out in the sunshine.

  3. wow what an amazing arch. I yearn to go to Spain…one day I hope…

    • Hi Jill. It really is lovely. I hope you get there one of these days!

    • It really is gorgeous! I hope you get to see it yourself one of these days.

  4. Another place we missed on our previous stops in Barcelona! I agree with Jan about how fast time is slipping past as it does seem like you were just getting ready for your adventure and now it is time to enjoy the memories. Photos are such a great way to do that! Have a great week, Nancie.

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, thank heavens for the great cameras we have these days. I can remember traveling with film, which was so cumbersome. Then, you got home and had the expense of developing. Also, no more shoe boxes full of forgotten photos. Digital is just so awesome.

  5. Ha Ha! Nancie, Love those angles! Isn’t Barcelona fun?!

    • Hi Corinne! Yes, Barcelona is a fun city. There is so much to see and do, and the food is awesome.

  6. I think this one is much more stunning than the Paris, I wonder why it is not as well known?

    • Hi Sally. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Arc in Paris. The Barcelona Arc is really beautiful. I love all the intricate details. I have no idea why it isn’t all that well known. It’s in a great area for walking, and there are lots of outdoor cafes, too.

  7. It’s funny how so many cities have Arc de triomphes…what did the losers do?

    • Hi Lydia! Haha….Maybe they just went away quietly? 🙂 I discovered last year that even Seoul had one!

  8. I was able to walk around the arch the last time I visited Barcelona. I liked that area and the park a lot. After that, we walked around the beach. I was a nice day to be out.

    • Hi Ruth. I didn’t have time to get to the beach, but I would definitely visit that area again.

  9. Hi Nancie, I’m glad you gave in to the calling of those arrows. The Arch is a lovely find indeed. I enjoyed the playful angles of your shots. I love all the details on the arch, too!

    • Hi Marisol. Sometimes it’s good to follow the signs! 🙂

  10. I love the details! Very intricate.

    • Isn’t it though. It seems that no detail was left to chance.

  11. I didn’t even know this existed. What a great architectural piece. I love the details and angles you captured. That first photo looks like a postcard- it’s beautiful.

    • Hi Mary. Thanks! It doesn’t seem to get a lot of press. If it hadn’t been for the arrows, I wouldn’t have even known it was there.

  12. I thought there was only one in Paris … I like your unusual angel of the photos.

    • Hi! Believe it or not, we have one here in Seoul. I must post a photo one of these days. The Arc is so large that you have to find different angles to get it all in. I wider angle lens could have helped. However, I like taking the different angle shots!

  13. Like Mary, I wasn’t aware of this arch. And I’ve been in Barcelona many times. Although mostly on business, so probably lots I haven’t yet seen. Time to revisit, I think.

    • Hi Sophie! I think Barcelona is one of those cities with a lot of hidden gems!

  14. Looking forward to the results. These are some incredible shots. I entered one of my friends’ great shot of a baby monkey in Kyoto.

    • Hi Hung. Thanks for your kind words. The Arc and the square are very photogenic, and being a nice day really helped.

  15. Hi Nancie, I like how you have photographed the Arc de Triomf on the angle. Very beautiful and yes I too would love to travel to Spain.

    • Hi Kathy! I’m sure you would love Barcelona and the rest of Spain. It was fun taking the different angled shots.

  16. I’d love to visit Barcelona someday. What beautiful photos! They are all so enticing.

    • Hi Claire. I am glad you liked the photos. Barcelona is a city worthy of a visit!

  17. Sometimes it’s the unplanned activity and mistaken route that provides the best finds on a holiday. It sounds like the Arc de Triomf was just that for you!

    • Hi Annette! Yes, it really was, and I agree sometimes the best travel finds are the ones that you’re not looking for!

  18. It is an impressive structure no doubt. We stumbled upon it by accident while wandering in Barcelona. Thanks for the info.

    • Strange that it seems a lot of people find it by accident, or don’t know that is exits.

  19. I don’t remember seeing this when I was in Barcelona, and it does seem like something that would stick in my memory. It’s so pretty and ornate. I’m glad you followed the signs.

    • Hi Michele. Agree, it’s not something that you would easily forget. I love all the details.

  20. Barcelona ranks up there as one of my favorite cities and I can see another trip back there to visit more of the sights. Last May when I was wandering around the city I literally happened upon it and had to look at the tourist map to see where I was. The Arc de Triomf is amazing and filled with so many intricate details that you captured beautifully in your photos!

    • Hi Anita. I’m amazed at how many people find this by accident, and it really isn’t off the beaten path.

  21. Love your angled shots but the first photo really captured my attention. It feels almost like an oil painting.

    • Hi Jo. Thanks for your kind words. I love taking shots from different angles.


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