ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

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If you enjoy local art when you’re traveling, add  ARTsPLACE to your itinerary of Things to do in Annapolis Royal. Welcome to 369 (5/10/2018) of Travel Photo Thursday. Come along as we explore an art gallery and exhibition space, run by local artists, in the heart of Annapolis Royal.

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ARTsPLACE began in 1982 when a group of local artists got to together to identify ways to share their art and ideas with each other and the community. The gallery is now operated by the Annapolis Community Arts Council (ARAC). ARAC and ARTsPLACE are known throughout the province and nationally for the work they do in Annapolis Royal. They’re easy to find on St.George Street, close-by the town’s only set of traffic lights.

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

Things to do in Annapolis Royal

You’ll be welcomed by this quirky, full-of-life metal sculpture.

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

Where to stay in Annapolis Royal

ARTsPLACE is housed in one of the many Heritage Properties you’ll find throughout the town. Just look for the plaque.

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal


Look to the left when you walk in, and you’ll be steps from the largest gallery, currently housing a show named:


ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal


You might be thinking “What is Ekphrasis”? I know I was. Thankfully, there was a book in the exhibit area that answered the question.

“Ekphrasis is a form of writing, mostly poetry, wherein the author describes another work of art, usually visually.” The book also contained ekphrastic writings created by people who had attended a workshop series at ARTsPLACE.

This is one of my favourites:

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

Based on a painting by Sally O’Grady, “Castiglion Florentino. Written by AlnoorRajan Talwar.

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal


Take the time to read the book. There were some amazing visual descriptions for each of the paintings on display.


Let’s move onto the MYM Gallery.

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

I know two of the people exhibiting in this gallery, and I think it’s always fun to admire the work of friends/acquaintances. I was particularly intrigued by the Outer Space Art. Did you know there’s an International Association of Astronomical Artists?


ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal


Our final gallery… I love the bold colours.

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal

Where to stay in Annapolis Royal 

ARTsPLACE is open year-round. Admission to the exhibits is FREE. Find out about the latest exhibits and workshops here. 

Hours of Operation

Sunday & Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – Friday 10 – 4:30 pm
Saturday 1 – 4 pm (weekends by volunteer, call ahead)
Closed Holiday Weekends

Check for extended Summer hours June – August.

How to get to There

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Budget Travelers Sandbox

This is the 369th edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here. 

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  1. I like the varied style of paintings on display at ARTsPLACE. The sculpture at the front door is fun. The building is interesting in that the window style in the “Figure It Out” exhibit is completely different than those on the front face of the building.

  2. I found this exhibit to be very interesting. The variety of subjects and painting techniques kept me intrigued. I don’t know the history of this building. I would guess that the “Figure it Out” gallery is an addition to the building. I do love those windows. Thanks for linking up this week. #TPThursday

  3. It is wonderful that artists have a gallery space like this one to display their works. The building is charming is=tself–I love its windows!

    • Hi Pat. I agree, and yes the windows are lovely!

  4. What a gem of a place! I like that it offers so much for free. Like you, I love the bold colors on that last group. And I loved that I learned a nee word today – Ekphrasis 🙂

    • Isn’t that a cool word? I had no idea what it meant either. I remember seeing the workshop advertised, but got busy with something else. Maybe I will take it next time and learn a new form of writing and how to creatively describe artwork. That would be fun.

  5. I love visiting places like this – and the fact that it’s free is even more enticing. Supporting artists is so important!

    • Hi, Jill. Without support from the community and visitors, artists can’t survive. Annapolis Royal is a summer town in many ways, but thankfully the local community keeps the arts flourishing year round.

  6. As I am an art gallery fan, this Arts place would be a must visit for me. I will have to add it to my itinerary when exploring Nova Scotia, Nancie. Is one day enough to see all the art there?

    • Hi, Lydia. You would be pushed to do everything in one day. Right in town, we have 8 – 10 galleries, plus three museums and the historic gardens. Tours of the local graveyard are also offered during the summer. I’d say you should stay overnight and give yourself two days. 🙂

  7. So great to be in a town with only one set of traffic lights but several art galleries and museums. I always love the feeling when a piece of art can shift your whole perspective and make you see what the creator sees. And I was totally taken with the definition and whole concept of ekphrasis. That exhibit especially would be an area I’d want to linger in. Fascinating!

    • Hi Anita. Thanks for stopping by. Believe it or not, we have 10 art galleries/spaces in town. We’re considered an art gallery destination. Now that everything is opening for the season again (although ARTsPLACE is open year-round) I need to get out an visit all of them and put them up on the blog. 🙂

  8. What a lovely tour and introduction to a whole new concept of art and poetry combined. Sorry I missed the linkup — I am trying to get back on track with blogging.

    • Hi, Jackie. Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been keeping track of your Florence adventures on Facebook. I love Florence and would go back in a heartbeat. Looking forward to having you back. #TPThursday

  9. Ekphrasis is a great word for a great concept: I love the combination of visual art and literature. Artsplace looks like a lovely little art gallery!

    • Hi Rachel. I’m intrigued with the concept, too. It was fun to read through the Ekphrasis book on display. I think it would have been a fun workshop.

  10. ARTsPLACE is a fantastic location in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The artists are so talented! It’s great they have such an exceptional space to showcase their works of art!

    • Hi Marilyn. Yes, it’s well supported by the artists and the community.

    • Hi Marilyn. The artists here in Annapolis Royal are very fortunate to have ARTsPLACE plus the townspeople are very supportive. It’s always standing room only when a new exhibit opens.

  11. Thanks for this terrific post about Annapolis Royal, Nancie. You make me jealous, as I’ve not been to Nova Scotia in a very long time. ARTSsPLACE really reminds me of a funky gallery I visited while in Fredericton last year. Loved it!

    • Hi Doreen. Drop by soon 🙂 Almost everything is opening this weekend. ARTsPLACE even has a new exhibit.

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