Amazing Animals at the Singapore Zoo for Travel Photo Thursday

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Welcome! Here we are for week 224 of Travel Photo Thursday, and this week it’s a return visit to the Singapore Zoo!  Ms Computer continues to limp along, and I am treating her with kid gloves these days. Fingers crossed the ‘she’ continues to enjoy the special treatment and keeps sputtering along 🙂 When I was thinking about Travel Photo Thursday earlier this week I bandied around a few ideas. However, it wasn’t until I started browsing through photos that I decided to bring some lovely animal shots out of my archive. I cannot believe that my Singapore Zoo adventure was way back in 2011. I initially wrote about it here, and that post is still relevant if you’re looking for zoo links, etc.  

I have to admit I am always leery about going to a zoo. We all know that they aren’t all created equal. Happily, Singapore goes over the top when it comes to caring for their critters. I think that these photos tell/show the tale.

The big cats…how can anyone resist?


This fella looks so docile. Hmmm…maybe I should sneak a little head pat 🙂


Spotted Leopard

Rub my tummy!

Rub My Tummy Please!


Out for a stroll…

Out for a Stroll

He looks annoyed!

Stop That!


Checking something out…

Keeping Watch


I’d say this guy is a little put out. Love his tail!



Just hanging out with my friends…



Meditation time…



Love the orangutans. First zoo in the world to boast a free ranging area for their hairy friends. I did the jungle breakfast with these guys, and loved it!


Hanging Out!

They love their snacks…

Snack Time!


I fell in love with this gorgeous Mandrill!



Monkey business happening here…

Monkey Business


These two look like they’re deep in conversation. Aren’t they beautiful?



Love the expression!

Standing Tall


Lunch time at the zebra corral!

Lunch at the Zebra Corral


Lot’s of feathery friends at the zoo. Singapore is also home to the Jurong Bird Park. Next time I’m in Singapore I’ll be there. I was happy with the birds at the zoo!

Ms. Pelican looks like she is getting ready to take flight!



I love flamingos.  I always get a vision of the plastic variety gracing someone’s lawn on their birthday!



I fell in love with this fella! I’m not really up on my duck varieties, but I think this one belongs to the mandarin family.

Floating Along


Let’s boogie!!

Let's Boogie!!


Be sure to check out my older post for links to zoo times, prices, how to get there, etc.

Have you been to the Singapore Zoo? Favorite animal? Exhibit?


Don’t forget to comment and add your link. Please visit some of the other folks at the party. You’ll be treated to some fab photos. If you liked this post, please share. 



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  1. Wonderful photos. I went to Singapore Zoo many times when I was younger and loved it. Looks bigger and better than ever now. Would love to take my kids there.

    • Hi Bronnie…I loved my day there, and when I get back to Singapore will definitely be returning.

  2. I need some of these guys for our Photography Group challenge in a couple of months time. Sadly the day our family went to Singapore Zoo when during our last visit to Singapore a couple of years ago I was in bed all day with a bad cold. So disappointing! oh well next time.
    Happy travels!

    • Hi Jill. That’s a great reason to go back to Singapore!!

  3. I have the same mixed feelings about zoos, but it is fun to get to see the animals up-close. Normally, I’m all about the cats, but you have some great primate shots – I might have to reconsider my zoo priorities!

    • Hi Cindy. It’s always hard to decide. I think that was the first time I had ever seen so many of the big cats, and the photo opportunities were endless. It was hard to pull myself away.

  4. I love a good zoo, and Singapore is definitely a great zoo. I’ve been a couple of times, mostly for the night safari, because it’s really a cool and fun idea! Love animal shots!

    • Hi Corinne. Next time I will be sure to do the night safari!

  5. We didn’t go to Singapore Zoo, we went to Night Safari. Are the same place? The photos here really capture the animals.

    • Hi Rhonda. I believe the Night Safari is part of the zoo, but I didn’t do it. Next time!

  6. Beautiful photos. I like the facial expression on that orangutan. And I love big cats…

    • Hi Lili…the orangutans really are priceless!

  7. I love zoos!! The orangutan is adorable.

    • Hi Jackie. I could have stayed with orangutans forever!

  8. Oh this reminds me that one of the negatives of cruising is that you only have time for a taster sample of places. We just spent a whirlwind day in Singapore and didn’t have time for the zoo — but we’ve vowed to go back and these photos remind me that the zoo will be a must-see when we do!

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, for sure. I could have gone to the zoo several days straight, if I had been there that long. Also, I didn’t have time for the bird park, which I would have loved to see!

  9. This is such a great collection of wildlife photos. We visited Singapore Zoo during their Night Safari so we didn’t get to see some of these animals in all their glory. I do remember having such a wonderful experience. Still wishing you luck with your computer!

    • Hi Mary! Thanks, and we keep limping along. Fingers crossed! I didn’t do the Night Safari, but next time for sure.

  10. Love to visit zoos! Your pictures of the big cats are awesome (specially the white tiger) but I have to say the orangutans are my favorite from this set. Their facial expressions are so adorable and their hair has such a vibrant hue.

    • Hi Ruth…I love the orangutans, too. They are so funny to watch and great to photograph. The Singapore Zoo seems to treat them really well, which is heartening to see.

  11. You got some great shots of the animals!

    • Thanks! I was happy with a lot of them. I’m not sure why it took me so long to dust them off and take them out of my archive. I guess it’s so many photo, so little time…haha 🙂

  12. Beautiful photos. The orang-utan has the same colour hair as me. Go figure 🙂

    • Hi Paula…I laughing here. I love that color! 🙂

  13. Your photos from the Singapore Zoo are fantastic. I didn’t know Singapore had just a great zoo.

    • Hi Donna. Yes, it’s amazing and probably better than when I was there. They seem to be constantly making improvements. I definitely want to go back again.

  14. I love the idea of the free ranging area for the orangutans. And the breakfast sounds like great fun!

    • Hi Michele…I loved the breakfast! I was so excited that I think I was the first one there! 🙂

  15. Singapore Zoo routinely gets high marks and your photos prove why. I agree that it can be with mixed feelings that we visit a zoo.

    • Hi Betsy. I have been to some zoos where I have wanted to cry for the animals. We have a zoo here in Daejeon, and it’s awful. I went once, and never again.

  16. I really like the symmetry of the zebra photo. I’ve only done the Night Dafari, not the regular zoo, so thanks for the peek inside. I really enjoyed the Jurong Bird Park, especially feeding the birds.

  17. awesome zoo, its good that singapore’s climate is tropical so animals don’t have a hard time on winter!

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