A Potato Food Stall Moment in Myeongdong, Seoul

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Last weekend I was in Seoul’s Myeondong, a prime pedestrian shopping area in Seoul. Like anywhere in Korea, where there are people, there are food stalls. This particular stall features crispy fried potatoes, both regular potatoes and those of the sweet variety. Koreans love their sweet potatoes. As you can see these sweet potato fries are served in their own individual cups. The regular potatoes are those deep fired  on a stick. My name for them is curly potatoes. The lady in the shot is rolling the “curlies” in paprika. I love both of these potato creations, and if I hadn’t already eaten lunch I would have been debating about which bit a deliciousness I wanted to savor!

Food Stall in Myeongdong Seoul.

Food Stall in Myeongdong Seoul.


Do you have a favorite food stall food?


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Travelers Tip

Easily accessible via the Seoul Subway; Line 4, Myeondong Station. 

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  1. I had my first sweet potato fries just last year and was instantly hooked, Nancie! It was a food moment for me when I said, “Why on earth haven’t I eaten these long before now!” 🙂

  2. Hi Mike! haha…yes I know what you’re saying. The Koreans love sweet potatoes. They eat them much more than we do in the west!

  3. When I travel I’m always a bit skittish about certain street foods but I know I wouldn’t be able to pass up those fries!

  4. Both types of fries look totally irresistible, but I’d probably go with the sweet potato variety — for the health benefits. 🙂

  5. How interesting that Koreans love the sweet potato fries too. Here in Utah, we like dipping them in “fry sauce.” It’s mayo and catsup. Have you ever tried this?

    • I have never tried “fry sauce”, but I have seen the mayo and ketchup combo here with other food items, I think it would go well with the sweet potato fries.

  6. I’d never think of rolling potatoes in paprika. Interesting, eh? Think I’ll have to try making them one of these days.
    Thanks for linking up, Nancie!

  7. A nice food street shot, Nancie!

  8. Potatoes, who doesn’t love potatoes?… In any form they are amazing and delicious.


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