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Day Tripping on Korea’s Goeje Island

Posted by on Jan 5, 2017 in Destinations, Korea, Travel Photogrphy | 28 comments

Goeje Island

New Year’s Eve day (December 31, 2016) found me enjoying the spectacular ocean views of Goeje Island, Korea’s second largest island. Happy New Year and welcome to week 309 (1/5/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday.

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Offered through the Seoul Hiking and Nature Tour Group,  the tour left Seoul by bus around midnight on Friday, December 30th arriving at the harbor on Goeje Island some 6 hours later at around 6:00 pm. Some members of the tour opted for the sunrise hike. My bad knee kept me on the flat ground enjoying the first light of the day wandering around the peacefully quiet harbor area.

Goeje Island Tourist Map

There’s a lot to see and do on the island, and the highlight for me were the stunning views. I would love to come back in the summer time to enjoy the white sand beaches that dot the island.



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Dazzled by the Lights: Jinju Lantern Festival

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Jinju Lantern Festival

This week we’re five hours from Seoul at the Jinju Lantern Festival (Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival). Welcome to week 296 (10/6/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. Hundreds of lanterns, of every size, shape, and description, light up the river, and the surrounding area, in the southern city of Jinju, South Korea for two weeks each October. The festival is in honor of the 70,000 troops who defended the city from the Japanese during the Imjin War (1592). In spite of some heavy rain at the beginning of the evening, we enjoyed the opening fireworks and the intricate, beautiful lanterns.

We’re pretty easy going here at BTS, but please remember to follow a few guidelines…

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Traditionl Lanterns

We arrived by bus at around 5:00 pm, and found our way to the festival grounds. Sitting at a beer and chicken joint with a prime view of the opening ceremonies we waited and waited some more. It poured rain for what seemed like 2 hours, but was probably only 45 minutes, and thankfully we were somewhat sheltered.  Once the weather decided to co-operate, we were treated to a great fireworks display. This first photo is just as they ended.

This first lantern looks like summer and winter are having a bit of a heated conversation. “Mr. Winter” doesn’t look too happy.  I wonder who’s winning. Right now we’re still enjoying temperatures close to 30Cel, so I have to go with summer.



Jinju Lantern Festival, 2016, Korea

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Korea: Tea Making in Boseong

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Destinations, Korea, Travel Photogrphy | 16 comments

Join us this week for tea making at the Boseong Green Tea Festival. Welcome to week 277  (5/12/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. This past weekend saw me taking another bus adventure 6 hours down the peninsula to Boseong’s green tea plantation. I must be getting used to these bus rides. I survived this one with only a stiff knee. Now, when I say making tea, I mean literally taking the freshly picked tea leaves, and producing loose dried tea that will eventually produce a nice pot of perfectly brewed tea in my own wee kitchen.

Tea Making in Boseong

Our basket was filled with everything we needed to make our own batch of green tea. We have fresh leaves, gloves, and arm protectors (needed for when we tangled with the roaster).

Boseong Green Tea Festival

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Taking the Perfect Skiing Pictures

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Taking the perfect skiing pictures…

Jim Decker is a professional photographer and avid ski enthusiast. Combining these talents can make for an interesting result and only real experts like Jim know how to get the best live-action skiing pictures. Let’s dive into what it takes to get that perfect shot when you’re up on the mountain!

Above all here is the equipment. What a tragedy it would be to go out and spend $500, $1k, or even $2k dollars on a top of the line camera only to wipe out on a black diamond run and smash it into a million pieces! That’s why before you go spend a small fortune on a high-end camera, be sure to invest a couple hundred dollars on some waterproof protective bags and padded covers for your gear.

It’s always a good idea to get some extra batteries as well. While you can conserve battery life by taking the battery out of the camera while not in use, this is a cumbersome and time-consuming exercise. And while SLR batteries aren’t cheap (they typically run anywhere from $50 to $100) they are worth their weight in gold when you’re high atop your favorite run and need just a couple more hours of juice to get you through your shooting day.

Beyond the gear you need the know-how. So how do real pros like Jim capture that perfect skiing photo? A lot of them will tell you it’s all about point of view.

First off, try holding your camera horizontally and then try it out vertically. Depending on your tastes and style you may find a horizontal frame to be more pleasing. This is the dominant style used in landscape photography and works wonders when trying to not only capture the action of the skier in the photography but the wider beauty of the surrounding scenery. If you can capture both you know for certain that you’ve just taken a very special photograph!

Another truly insider tip is to play with a little overexposure in your photographs. Snow is a bright, reflective surface and when photographing it the little light sensor inside your camera might be a little maladjusted for this snowy backdrop. By slightly overexposing your images you can further illuminate and sharpen your subjects while making sure that snow looks as white as possible in your final image.

Always be aware of the best time to shoot when you’re on the mountain. Most pros will tell you the best times to catch some great skiing photos would be in the late afternoon or sometime in the early morning hours. This way the light from the sun has a “warmer” feel to it and your photos will benefit from this. Shooting in the harsh midday sun has the potential to harshen and flatten your image. Of course this is only a guideline; feel free to experiment and find your favorite time to go snap some frames!

Above all, be sure of one thing: practice, practice, practice. Get out there, grab some buddies and a camera and just go skiing. You’ll figure out what works best for you and you’ll be capturing some truly special images in no time!

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Czech’s Karlovy Vary for Travel Back Saturday

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If you’re visiting Prague, and want to wander further afield, I highly recommend that you visit Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). This small city offers superb architecture, world class spa facilities, and some great restaurant choices. The city boast thirteen major hot springs’ along with some 300 smaller springs. Comfortable, reasonably priced, buses depart daily for the short trip between the two cities (slightly more than an hour). While it’s possible to do a day trip, if you want to enjoy a spa treatment, at least two days would be best. Have a peek of my favorite shots from my 2012 visit.

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Karlovy Vary, Czech


Karlovy Vary, Czech

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Angkor Wat for Travel Back Saturday

Posted by on Dec 6, 2014 in Cambodia, Destinations, Featured, Travel Back Saturday, Travel Photogrphy | 28 comments

The ancient temples of Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat is another destination that I have had the good fortune of visiting not once but twice. Those trips were before this blog became a reality. From the sunsets to the windows, trees, and ancient doorways, I loved it all, and would return in a moment.


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Angkor Wat …


Stepping through time…


Angkor Wat

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