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Travel Photo Thursday, April 21, 2010, Inle Lake, Myanmar

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Thursday has arrived, and it’s time for Travel Photo Thursday.

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Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake is one of my favorite places in Myanmar. To experience the lake you have to hire a boat, and the further you motor along the lake the more interesting it becomes. You catch glimpses of the people going about their daily work. That might be fishing or maybe gathering moss from the lake. You can visit the markets where families come by boat to do their weekly or monthly shopping. Of course it wouldn’t be Myanmar without a temple or two along the way. You can see from this photo that the homes are generally built on stilts. Under every house there’s a small boat. There are bridges connecting some of the homes, but generally people get around by boat. I was there during the dry season, so the lake was low. The lake can be as high as a houses doorway during the rainy season.

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Friday’s Talking Photo #13 –Thanboddhay Temple, Monywa, Myanmar

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Through The Sandbox Lens #1 — Aerial View of Ancient Bagan, Myanmar

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Today begins a new feature here at Budget Travelers Sandbox….”Through the Sandbox Lens”. I have literally thousands of travel shots sitting in my archives that I want to publish. Starting today, and at least three times a week, I will be publishing a travel photo here. Along with the photo I will include whatever information I have about the site including location, history, how to get there, etc. Enjoy the show!

The ancient temples of Bagan, Myanmar from a hot air balloon. Hot air balloon rides are available from Balloons Over Bagan. They also have a page on Facebook. This adventure was definitely a splurge, but one that was well worth it. I planned ahead and had the money saved and earmarked for hot air ballooning in Myanmar. The ride was magical.

Ancient Bagan

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Friday’s Talking Photo #9 from the Sandbox — Balloons Over Bagan

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Friday’s Talking Photo # 4 From the Sandbox — Myanmar Sign

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