Beauty and Beaches Abound in Turkey

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Rich in culture and natural beauty, Turkey, has long attracted visitors from abroad. It boasts one of the world’s greatest cities, white sandy beaches, soaring mountains and sumptuous cuisine, among other things. In its urban heartland, visitors can experience a Westernised metropolis, while holiday hotspots like the south-western coasts and Cappadocia offer rustic beauty. When people plan cheap holidays in Turkey, there are certain must-see attractions.

For example, it’s a shame if people travel to Turkey without taking a tour of its biggest city, Istanbul which is spread over seven hills and surrounded on three sides by water. Despite its vast size, the city has real charm and appeal. In large part, this is thanks to its impressive architecture. Highlights include the spiky Ottoman minarets, which were constructed on Byzantine foundations and now crown the skyline. Also, the city contains the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace, all of which are well worth adding to sightseeing itineraries.


The Hagia Sophia was originally a church, then a mosque and now it’s a museum. Its 55-metre high dome is truly awe-inspiring, and visitors can see mosaics of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and Byzantine emperors. Neighboring this majestic building is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque which still serves as a place of worship. Meanwhile, the opulent Topkapi Palace complex features a number of fascinating court areas. To see them all, visitors should allow themselves at least three hours.

In total contrast to this vast conurbation is the island of Bozcaada. This small land mass is located in the Aegean Sea some 250 miles from the capital, and it offers peace and quiet, as well as plenty of hidden beaches, cobbled alleys, and whitewashed townhouses.


The pace of life here is completely different. Donkeys graze in lavender-studded fields, while fishermen bring in their daily catch and old ladies drink coffee on doorsteps. The southern beaches of Habbele, Ayazma, and Ayana are well worth a look, and there are also Byzantine remains for visitors to explore.


Another superb coastal location that’s a hit with tourists is the Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz. Situated in the southwest of the country, it offers a calm atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and crystal clear waters.

Blue_lagoon (1)

This is the perfect area for people to soak up the sun and enjoy some rest. It is also a good spot for water sports enthusiasts, and people with a head for heights can paraglide to enjoy magnificent views over the town and sea.


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