Travel Photo Thursday — May 22/14 — Sukhothai’s Sitting Buddha

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Welcome! Here we are for the 178th edition of Travel Photo Thursday. I came home today to find myself  locked out of my apartment. Through no fault of my own, and a delivery man who thought he was doing the right thing by locking the gate to the top floor (where I live). The gate has never been locked in the 3 or so years I have lived here, and who knows where the key is. Anyway, 3 hours later and a dozen phone calls and I’m here…YAY! Join me in Sukhothai, Thailand, this week.


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Sukothai is a World Heritage Site about five hours outside of Chiang Mai. Getting there is not that easy, and once again my chariot was a rickety bus. Besides having a rather sore derriere and knees that creaked, I made it there in fine fashion.

Lonely Planet says…The Sukhothai (Rising of Happiness) Kingdom flourished from the mid-13th century to the late 14th century. This period is often viewed as the ‘golden age’ of Thai civilisation – the religious art and architecture of the era are considered to be the most classic of Thai styles. The remains of the kingdom, today known as the meuang gòw (old city), feature around 45 sq km of partially rebuilt ruins, which are one of the most visited ancient sites in Thailand.
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The large sitting Buddha at Wat Si Chum; Temple of the Bodhi Tree. This is easiest the most photographed Buddha at Sukothai. The Buddha is known by 2 names: “Phra Achana”– Buddha who is not afraid and “Phra Poot Dai” — Speaking Buddha.


Sitting Buddha at Wat Si Chum


Yes, this is one large Buddha.


Artist at Work


Peeking in…


Peeking In :)


On the way to see Buddha.


On the Way to see Buddha


Look up, way up…


Look Up, Way Up



Buddha’s gold flecked thumb. 


Buddha's Gold Flecked Thumb




Wat Si Chum Sitting Buddha


A monk’s contemplation…


A Monk's Contemplation



Traveler’s Tip

Wat Si Chum is located in the northern zone of  Sukhothai Historical Park. Open daily from 07.00-17.30, and  the entrance fee is 100 Baht for foreigners and 20 Baht for Thais. I rented a motorcycle tut-tuk for less than 1000 Baht per day, and the driver was excellent. 


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Travel Photo Thursday — January 24, 2013 — Wat Si Chum at Sukhothai’s Historical Park

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. For the past couple of days I’ve been in New Sukhothai, a dusty little Thai town located about  12km from the Sukhothai Historical Park. This sprawling UNESCO site is made up of numerous temple compounds; many of them in ruins, and some restored. Sukhothai was the second Thai capital, sandwiched between the first Thai capital Attutaya, and present day Bangkok. I am sharing with some shots from my favorite temple, Wat Si Chum (Temple of the Bodhi Tree).

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The brick and stucco Buddha is 15 meters tall.  

Wat Si Chum Buddha 2.jpg



Wat Si Chum Buddha 1.jpg


The most photographed part of the Wat Si Chum Buddha…


Wat Si Chum Buddha Hand




Wat Si Chum Buddha Head




And finally a lovely group of well behaved Thai Children admiring the Buddha 🙂


Wat Si Chum Buddha Children.jpg


Travelers Tips:

The park is open from 6:30pm to 8pm daily. Start early to avoid the heat.

The park is divided into five zones. The central, northern, and eastern zones each have an admission fee of 100 Baht

Transportation is required if you want to go beyond the central zone. Bicycles are available for hire. You can also hire a motorcycle tuk-tuk; 700 baht/approx. $22US for a full day (that was my choice.)

An Audio tour is available for the Central Zone (150 Baht/approx. $5US).

Crowds are almost non-existent. I was often the only person wandering around some of the temple compounds. 



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Through the Sandbox Lens #49 — Sukhothai’s Wat Chang Lom — Offerings to the Elephants

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Wat Chang Lom (meaning: surrounded by elephants) in the Sukhothai Historical Park (Sukhothai, Thailand). Most of the 32 elephants ringing chedi no longer have trunks, but a couple of them do. This offering was hanging from one of the remaining trunks. I thought it made for a pretty photo.



Elephant Offerings, Wat Chang Lom, Sukhothai Historical Park


If you missed Through the Sandbox Lens #48.


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Travel Tip:  This temple is FREE to visit. 



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