Satay Celup — A Signature Dish from Malacca

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Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday, kindly hosted by Wanderlust and Lipstick. Update…this is my contribution to the August 28th edition of Foodie Tuesday, hosted by Inside Journeys. 

When I decided to spend a week in Malacca last December the first thing I did was research the food. One of the first dishes I came across was Satay Celup. At it’s simplest Satay Celup is beef and pork on skewers cooked in peanut sauce. Today, many other foods find their way onto the skewers; including lots of great veggies.

I discovered that my homestay was just around the corner from Capital Satay Celup Restaurant. Diners rave about Capital Satay, so it was my first choice. I arrived there around six, only to find this long line-up.

This had to be the slowest moving line in history. An hour after arriving I was still standing in the same spot. I guess the diners inside were really enjoying and lingering over their delicious satay celup. Had I been with other people I probably would have continued to wait. Instead, almost next door was “Old Village Satay Celup”, and I decided to give it a try.

They were doing a brisk business, and by that time my stomach was begging for food. The tables are round, stainless steel, with a hold in the middle to hold the vat of peanut sauce. When you sit the waitress brings the peanut sauce and turns on the flame to get it bubbling.

My job was to pick out the skewers that I wanted to eat. I have to say that I didn’t recognize a lot of what was on offer. I ended up playing it safe and staying mostly with the veggies.

Satay Celup

Simple describes the cooking process. Plunge the skewers into the peanut sauce, and before you know it you’re sampling your first taste of satay celup.

Honestly, I found the peanut sauce to be a bit overwhelming. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. I would definitely try satay celup again, and if you’re in Malacca don’t miss eating one of Malacca’s signature dishes.

Old Village Satay Celup has two locations. I ate at the Lorong Bukit Cina branch. They are open daily from 5pm.

Old Village Satay Celup



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