Bandung, Indonesia: Five Reasons to Visit the West Java Capital

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Bandung, Indonesia

Nicknamed the “Java of Paris” due to its Parisian and European similarities, when visiting Indonesia, be sure to spend some time exploring the fascinating city of Bandung, Indonesia. Surrounded by the green lush Parahyangan Mountains, at an altitude of 768 meters, the capital of West Java boasts a pleasantly mild climate. Before setting off to see what the city has to offer it’s a good idea to settle into your accommodation. Located in proximity to the airport and numerous tourist attractions the modern, comfortable  Crowne Plaza Bandung from Traveloka is an excellent choice.

1. Experience the sites of the city on the Bandros.



Short for ‘Bandung Tour on Bus,’ the tour bus is a (smaller) replica of the iconic London double-decker bus with an open-air upper deck to enjoy the sights. Complete with a guide; the thirty-minute tour includes many of Bandung’s historic landmarks such as Jl. Braga, Gedung Sate, Dago City Hall. Call  +622-61591010 / +62877-36081998 for further information, or visit Facebook.



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Beat Those Cold Weather Blues ……………..

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Ten beach shots to warm you…………………………………………………….

Mowan Beach, Lombok is definitely off the beaten track To sink you toes into its powdery white sand you’ll need your own transportation. I hired a driver for a day, and spent most of the afternoon at this stunning, deserted beach. A popular surfing beach with the locals, the surf was tame that day. There is no shortage of locals who will offer their driving services. Ask the hotel for a recommendation; especially if you’re female. Let them know when you do go out touring, and an idea of when you’ll return.

(Click on each photo to see a larger version.)

Mawun Beach, South Lombok


Mowan Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Gili Meno is the second largest of the Gili Islands. The cheapest way to get there from Lombok is a five dollar boat from the local dock. The entire island is a sandy beach; a sun worshipers paradise. You’ll also find good snorkeling, with equipment for rent at prices that won’t break the budget.

Picture Perfect Day -- Gilli Meno

Koh Wai, Thailand is a little piece of paradise off of the coast of Koh Chang. Most of the snorkeling trips stop here for an hour or two of fun in the sun.

Koh Wai, Thailand


Located in Krabi, Southern Thailand, this beach is also a popular stop for snorkeling tours leaving from Koh Lanta. A beautiful spot to spend an hour or two just laying in the water and basking in the sun. I don’t think the beach even has a name!

Southern Thailand


“Maya Beach”, Krabi Thailand; where  “The Beach” was filmed. I took this shot on my first trip to Thailand. I was there during the low season, so as you can see there were no crowds. Several years later I stopped there again (another snorkeling trip), and the beach was packed. Some enterprising person was also charging 200 baht (about $6.00), if you wanted to actually walk on the beach. I recommend you visit during low season; few people, and probably no cover charge. Deserted or overflowing with people, it is an awesome beach. Most snorkeling trips leaving Ao Nang beach will stop here.

Maya-Beach, Southern Thailand


Mabul Island, off of the coast of Sempora, Malaysia, is a divers and snorkelers paradise. When you want a rest from being below the water take the time to explore and catch some sun on the pristine white sand beaches.



Ko Kradon, off the Trang coast, is famous for its underwater weddings. There is one resort on the island, and it definitely does not cater to the budget traveler. However, the powder white sand beach is public, with free access.

Thailand Paradise


Two hours outside of Bangkok is the sea side town of Hua Hin. This is where Thai’s royal family has their summer residence. The beach is fantastic for beach walking from early morning to night. You can rent a chair for a couple of dollars for a siesta in the sun. Horses are available. There are a number of  sea view restaurants with good food at reasonable prices. Hotels range from budget to five star. There’s  also a great  downtown night market, if you want to do some shopping.

HuaHin Thailand


White Sands Beach, Koh Lanta………………This is an awesome beach for swimming, walking, and lounging.

On the Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand

These are my ten favorite beaches in Asia. Do you have a favorite?


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Wanderfood Wednesday — Delicious Balinese Seafood

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Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday kindly hosted by Wanderlust and Lipstick.

I’m busy getting ready to head to China on Monday, so this has to be a bit of a quickie. I want to share with you another delicious recipe from the Bumi Bali Cooking School in Ubud. For a half day class the number of dishes we learned to make (and eat)was amazing. I highly recommend this class for all travelers on any budget.

Sambal Udang

This dish, Sambal Udang, featuring prawns was so delicious and easy to make. Here’s the recipe……

5 prawn
1.5 tbls bumbum bali …………………..Here’s the recipe.

1 tbls. palm sugar (you can substitute brown sugar)
2 chilies
1 slice green pepper
1 slice onion
2 kaffir lime leaf (sliced thinly)
1 cup coconut milk
2 tbls oil (palm or coconut)
salt/pepper to taste
1 lime

Marinate the shrimp with lime, salt/pepper for one hour in fridge. Fry in 2 tbls. oil. Turn shrimp when red on bottom.
Add chilies, green pepper, and onions
Add half of coconut milk
Add bumbum bali, kaffir leaves, sugar and cook for 2-3 minutes
Add remainder of coconut milk.
When the sauce is thickened it ready to serve.

This is a fantastic dish to serve over rice.

Next time you’re in Bali check out the Bumi Bali Cooking School in Ubud.

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Friday’s Talking Photo #13 – Gillies Sunset

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