The Exciting Spectacle of the Ypapanti Festival

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Southern Europe is home to some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, thanks mainly to the region’s exceptional climate, laid-back nature and historic landmarks. From the Algarve in Portugal to the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, the visitor will find a whole host of beautiful beaches, secluded coves and lively towns in which to relax, have fun and create some memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the countries which continue to welcome travelers of all ages, and from all over the world, is Greece. This stunning nation has one of the most advanced tourism infrastructures of all, with a broad selection of accommodation options and a large number of visitor-friendly attractions both on the mainland and on the many islands that specialize in providing the perfect holiday environment.


Greek Beaches


In the summer months, many of the main resorts are teeming with visitors, all looking to enjoy the combination of a hot sun and a beautiful location. Athens, the country’s capital and a fascinating metropolis with a rich history, is popular with lovers of short city breaks, and destinations such as Zakynthos, Rhodes, Santorini and Crete are perfect for those who want to enjoy some well-earned relaxation in an idyllic seaside location.


Take Part in Festivities

During the winter period, the visitor numbers inevitably fall, but this doesn’t mean the Greek holiday season is over. The weather is still generally temperate, especially when compared to Northern Europe, so there are still plenty of destinations which welcome tourists. The less frenetic pace of life in the cooler months is actually rather refreshing, and this explains why many tourists return year after year to the same resorts.

Despite being a nation that is at the forefront of the modern travel industry, Greece remains a historic country with a rich and diverse history, which the locals are keen to maintain and promote. Winter visitors are encouraged to observe and enjoy the famous Festival of Ypapanti, a religious celebration that takes place around late January or early February. It marks the date when Christ was presented to the temple.


GreekBurgh - Ypapanti


As well as religious services to commemorate the event, many areas play host to markets. Here, the visitor can enjoy a slice of traditional Greek life, thanks to a delicious range of local foodstuffs that will be on offer.

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