Travel Tidbit #2 –Travel Insurance

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Anyone who read my last post knows that I had an accident this week. I have been to the hospital several times, and while the cost is small, there is a charge for each visit. The initial visit was the most expensive, and I was provided with receipts and a signed notice from the attending doctor. Of course, I was not carrying my insurance information with me when I had my accident. Therefore, I wasn’t quite sure what documentation was required. When I did check i discovered that I had been provided with a form from my insurer which had to be completed by the attending doctor at the hospital. I have now taken the form in and it’s been completed. Now I feel confident that I have all of the necessary paperwork in order to process my claim.

Remember, every insurer has different reporting requirements. Should you be unlucky to find yourself in an accident be sure to check your insurance coverage and comply with their reporting procedures. Otherwise you may see a delay in the payment of your claim, or outright refusal.

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