Travel Photo Thursday — November 17, 2011 — Lights, Lanterns, Action at the Seoul Lantern Festival

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I posted a few shots from the lantern festival for Magnificent Monday, and decided to post a few more for Travel Photo Thursday. All of the lanterns were magnificent, and impossible to choose a favorite. All of these were taken looking down from above the canal. Although, the canal was open to the public, the crowds were unbelievable. The wait to get down to the canal level was at least an hour, if not two. We were content with viewing from above and I love these shots!

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(Click on the photos for a larger version.)

One of Seoul’s city gates….

City Gate -- Seoul Lantern Festival


A Korean love story….

A Korean Love Story -- Seoul Lantern Festival


Korean martial arts…

Martial Arts at the Seoul Lantern Festival


A Korean warrior (perhaps) guarding the festival….



A peacock breathing fire…

Peacock Breathing Fire (who would have thought!) Seoul Lantern Festival


A Korean tiger saving a family….

Seoul Lantern Festival


A traditional performer…

Traditional Korean Performer -- Seoul Lantern Festival


Swans swimming in the canal…

Swans...Seoul Lantern Festival


Jack O Lanterns

Jack O Lanterns at the Seoul Lantern Festival


A Chinese god (maybe?)…
(The writing appears to be Chinese.)

Seoul Lantern Festival


AND…The Statue of Liberty makes it to Seoul….

Statue of Liberty at the Seoul Lantern Festival


To see these beautiful lanterns come to Seoul the first two weeks in November. The festival is an annual event, and admission is free. Come early to avoid the crowds!, and for the best photo opportunities.


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  1. Incredible that these are lanterns! Really beautiful and bright. Korea is slowly but surely making its way towards the top of my travel list.

  2. There’s no other word for these but BEAUTIFUL! And to think they are made of paper.

    • I think you are right, and it’s coated with something to make them waterproof.

  3. These are magnificent! I wonder how long they take to make.

    • They look labor intensive, and the festival is held over 2 weeks. That could be because of the amount of work involved in making them and getting set up in the stream.

  4. Oh, wow- these are stunning. Love the movement and playfulness they have.

  5. Wonderful festival and beautiful photos!
    I would love to see a festival like this… (^_^)

  6. Gee, I had a sense of deja vu here Nancie, had a look at the date, and thought “But I have already read this post” , then read to find out you have posted more pics up! Hey, good to see them.

    • haha Jim. I took so many photos (over 300!), I just had to post more:)

  7. It’s always a pleasure coming here on Thursdays to see what colorful photos you’ll publish next. The Chinese (maybe) god, that’s Japanese writing but, we stole the kanji from China, much to my regret. I can only read about half of it. Canada Dry Ginger Ale got featured on my TPThursday post. Hope ya like it !

  8. wow, these are beautiful lanterns and shots

  9. What a beautiful festival! I love the swans. 🙂

  10. Nancie, As usual your photos are incredible. Love TP Thursday.

  11. Gorgeous. I think I would go completey crazy taking pictures there!

  12. My favorite is the fire breathing peacock. I assume the lanterns are paper? Not to mention how great the night shots are, those can be hard to get.

  13. These are great captures of a great subject. What an amazing amount of work must go into these creations! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Natasha!

      Loved your shots of HK. I tried to leave a comment, but kept getting a message that “We couldn’t verify that you are human!” 🙂

  14. These lanterns were definitely worth the wait. What an assortment of scenes and what an assortment of amazing shots. The Korean Love Story ones are my favourite.

  15. These are so beautiful! I can’t even imagine how amazing it must be to see it all at the actual festival. Gorgeous shots!

  16. Wow these lanterns are amazing! So many wonderful colors. I really like the simplicity of the swans.

  17. Terrific shots. Montreal has a similar festival in the fall.

  18. The lanterns are really amazing. Beautiful shots of them. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say the love story!

  19. What a wonderful event.Reminds me of the hot air baloon festivals. (on a smaller and more complex scale.) It is impossible to pick a favorite, but I’m very curious about the God? Warrior? Doesn’t that look like pen nibs sticking out at the top? Is this the god of writers? or calligraphy?

    (I nearly forgot to post my weekly picture url here.)

  20. Wonderful images, Nancie. What a subject for the travel photographer. I must note down the date of this festival for the future.

    • Thanks Andrew. It’s held annually in November; this year the dates were N 4-20th.

  21. Wow! These are really cool! Great shots!

  22. wow, awesome lanterns, must be somewhat labor intensive though.

  23. Wow, these pics are glowing. Now I have something to add to my calendar in November!

  24. I lived in Seoul for a year, but I ended up not going to the Lantern Festival. I can’t remember why though–it looks really cool.

    • Hi Daniel, It’s one of my favorite festivals. There is always so much going on in Seoul that it is easy to miss something. Thanks for dropping by.


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