Travel Photo Thursday — August 8th, 2013 — French Fries Worth the Journey

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday.  I am coping here in hot, humid Daejeon. My living room “hit” a record 35 degrees Celsius yesterday! I am spending lots of time under the A/C in my bedroom. Tonight I am heading to the opera, at the arts center just down the street from where I live. All I can say is that the air conditioner had better be working overtime in the concert hall! I’m missing Nova Scotia with its cooler temps, and delicious street food. Today I’m sharing with you a “foodie institution”  on Halifax’s Spring Garden Road.

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A  summertime trip to Halifax is not complete without lunch at Halifax’ s iconic chip truck “Bud the Spud” . Dishing up delicious hand cut French Fries since 1977, Bud even has its own wiki entry. Have a look!




Salt and ketchup please! Hold the vinegar!



Of course, you will have a friend or two begging to experience the goodness! (They are very tame, and persistent!)

untitled shoot-1511.jpg


Travelers Tip

Parked in front of the Halifax Regional Library from late morning to well into the evening, each summer. A small French Fries is $3.50 and plenty big! Expect lineups at lunch time. Note, the owners want to retire, so you might want to get there soon!


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  1. First of all, love the truck name. Those fries look delicious and I suddenly have some cravings for them. I hope the weather starts to cool down for you soon. Have a great time at the opera.

  2. hold the ketchup!
    sorry you are sweltering in the Asian heat. Does it every cool down where you live? Enjoy the opera.

    • Hi Jill! Yes, it cools down. Winters here in Korea are very cold (I try to travel.) and summers are extremely hot. This heat and humidity should cool down in about 3 weeks. Then we should have lovely weather for about 6 – 8 weeks!

  3. Krea sounds miserable right now – no thanks. I’m staring at Nova Scotia from my hotel room in Alma, NB – and the temperatures are very civilized – about 23C.
    Those fries look amazing – and maybe the owners will end up selling their company so someone can keep up the tradition.

  4. Hi Leigh! I am jealous of your temps! From what I have read the owners have tried to sell, with no takers. Who knows, someone will hopefully come along, fingers crossed!

  5. Hi Nancie,
    Ha! Ha! Those birdies must have good taste! Adorable. Bud Spud looks delis. Bet you must be missing it from Daejon. NYC streets are also not complete in the summer without the food trucks. I love them! My favorite is the lobster roll truck.

    Help! I’m having a problem linking in. I tried all the methods but it keeps saying that I need a back link? i’m not sure what to do. I was doing exactly what I used to do.

    • Finally, it worked!

    • Hi Marisol, Yes I am missing everything about home right now! I see you managed to link up!! 🙂

  6. Yes, it’s hot and humid in Malaysia, too, except that’s what we get year-round. Although, perhaps only 34C, not 35C. Is the Opera in Korean or some romance language? Those fries are really making me hungry. Is poutine a choice there?

    • I never minded the heat too much when I was in Malaysia. Probably, I headed to the beach when it got too much 🙂 The opera should be in Italian 🙂

  7. Bud the Spud — love it! And I like the look of those fries. But hold the salt and vinegar, please. 🙂

  8. Funny, for today’s article we both wrote about food (^_^)

  9. I hope that a/c is working too!

    Those fries look so good. I’ve had such a craving for fries this week that I made some for lunch yesterday and doused them with ketchup. Glad I did that before I saw yours or I’d be heading to the kitchen, even though it’s nearly 1:00 a.m. here!

    • Hi Marcia…Nothing like a good feed of fries when the craving hits!

  10. Flying to Halifax on the 23rd this might be our lunch stop!

    • Lucky you! I am so homesick right now. Give Halifax a kiss for me! 🙂

  11. Hi Nanci, Friends and I are co-hosting a Spam/bologna/liverwurst/potato chip and white bread nostalgia lunch today. Wish we could have the spud truck pay us a visit. Looks like my kind of potatoes!

    • Hi Jackie! Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you all had a good time!

  12. I can’t seem to link my website for some reason on the comments, in getting hungry and those fries look really good, but I love vinegar on that

    • Hi Noel, Not sure why you can’t link in the comments. Everything seems to be working okay here. Did you add your link to the Mr. Linky?

  13. I love food trucks. Some of them give the tastiest food ever.

  14. That photo of the french fry truck brought back memories of State Fairs and the yummy fries I would get, doused with vinegar, salt, and ketchup. Yum!

    • Hi Jennifer…Always great to bring back those great memories, eh?

  15. I have never seen such hotel on wheel, this french fry with tomato sauce is getting watered in my mouth.


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