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Welcome to the 184th week of Travel Photo Thursday! I’m finishing my second week of summer school teaching, a 15 week course crammed into 3 weeks. Trust me, it’s brutal. I’m teaching a required basic English course that is designed to be fail proof! I do have a few students who are wonderful (not sure how they ended up here), but most of them would not react to a fire lit directly under their butts! I had originally planned to be in Europe this summer, but this summer school session put a damper on those plans. As thrilled as I am to be heading off to Penang in just over a week, there remains some wistful thinking directed at Europe. I love photographing windows and doors, and this week I bring you a few of my favorite windows from Hungary’s Budapest and Czech’s Karlovary.

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My favorites from Budapest. Windows always set my imagination on fire…

I love the carving at the top. He looks more than a little ferocious!Β 


untitled shoot-0191-2.jpg



So peaceful looking… A far cry from her “brother’ in the shot above:)


untitled shoot-0121-2.jpg


Mellow yellow in Budapest. Love how the light is striking the blind…


Mellow Yellow in Budapest


Colorful and detailed in Budapest. I am not a big lover of the color orange, but it definitely works with this window!



Colorful Detail in Budapest


And to end this window on Europe, two of my favorite window shots from Czech’s picturesque Karlovy Vary…


Karlovy Vary Window, Czech



What a blast of color from the shutters, and the blast of fuchsia…


untitled shoot-0019-3.jpg


Do you photograph windows and doors when you travel?

This is the 184th Β edition of Travel Photo Thursday.Β You can browse the archives here.



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  1. I love taking photos of doors and windows too.
    Your photos make me want to go and look at my photos from Budapest, what a great city to visit.

    • Hi Jackie! I loved Budapest, and would go back in a moment. From architecture to food, the city has so much to offer!

  2. My hubby is in Hungary right now and will be headed to Budapest this weekend for a little sightseeing. I love the windows you show, especially the shutters and the flower boxes. That top guy looks fierce. I wonder if it’s purely decorative or is their some sort of superstition about scaring away bad spirits.

    • Hi Michele! Lucky man. I’m sure he’ll enjoy all that Budapest has to offer.

  3. Nancie, I love taking photos of windows, doors, gates, yards, details! I love yours; they’re beautiful!

    • Thanks, Corinne! Doors and windows seen to cry out…photograph me, me…:)

  4. Yes I do Nancie. I also like photographing through doorways and windows. πŸ™‚ My favourite window is the orange one.

    • Hi Jan! Thanks. I have more than a few that I’ve taken looking through. πŸ™‚

  5. A beautiful collection, Nancie. Yes, I love to photograph windows and doors too…

    • I’ve admired some of your window and door shots!

  6. We’re always taking pictures of windows and doors, it’s actually surprising now when we take a picture of anything else!

    • Hi Dale! It’s never hard to find one, that’s for sure πŸ™‚

  7. Oh count me in on the doors and windows. . .throw in a few flower pots and the shutter fingers starts twitching. . .maybe you’ll make it to Europe next year. . .I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you do, but enjoy Penang while there!!!

    • Hi Jackie. I just might and in the interim I will definitely enjoy every moment that I’m in Penang. You have some great windows and shutters at your disposal in Greece!

  8. I always notice the windows and doors too whenever I’m in a different country!! I think it’s because coming from Southern California, everything is so boring and modern. I love the old buildings with all the amazing detail around the windows/doors!

    And yikes… summer school students are the hardest, because no one wants to be there! Hang in there πŸ™‚

    • Hi Anna, My time in California was so brief that I never got to see any windows or doors (I simply flew out of the LA airport). You’re right about the summer school students.

  9. Yep, I “do” doors, windows (especially ones with flower boxes), and other bits and pieces of buildings, including rooflines. Don’t have any shots from Budapest, though (haven’t “Been there, done that” yet.)

    • HI Dick! Budapest was a great city for windows and doors!

  10. I’ve always been so in love with European architecture, specially Renaissance/Baroque periods.I have not paid close attention to how different the windows can be, though! So beautiful and colorful eh? πŸ™‚

    -Maria Alexandra

    • Hi Maria! I agree, both beautiful and colorful. Every window and door has its own uniqueness.

  11. Love all those beautiful portals, lovely

  12. Europe? Hungary? Czech Republic? Yes to all of the above! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Henry! I’m right there with you. I can’t wait to get back to Europe. However, in the meantime I am going to enjoy every moment of my 5 weeks in Penang πŸ™‚

  13. What a beautiful selection of windows and doors! I too photograph doors but in Mexico and Guatemala many haven’t been restored as beautifully as they have in Europe. I’ve added all of these to my Pinterest collection – thanks!

  14. Great photos of windows in Budapest. Such a variety. I don’t usually take photos of doors and windows when I travel, but I think I will watch more for them now and may start.

  15. Love your windows! I have a Pinterest page with windows and just repinned your orange window there:

    Best, Irene

  16. I love photos of windows and doors and clearly I’m not alone. My favorite one here is the red door. So vivid.

  17. Those are some great windows! I like the big scary face and I especially love the colors of the last one. I am a retired teacher, so I can empathize with your “lighting a fire” so-to-speak!

  18. I’m usually on the lookout for windows and doors that are creative too. I did find a decorative archway leading down a close in England, but no window boxes.

  19. Yes – I too love them!
    I think it must be that they’re like secret portals into peoples’ lives, which are hidden from view behind their closed doors and windows πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Nancie, What a lovely photo collection of doors and windows.I like every little details and colors. I love photographing doors and windows myself. I like capturing their charms and details while letting them capture my imagination of what’s behind them.
    Good luck with your summer classes. 15 weeks crammed into 3 sounds pretty intense. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Europe trip will materialize after all.

  21. I love the variety of architecture in Budapest. You’ve got some lovely vibrant pictures here.

  22. I was a teacher for about 17 years including summer school and I was laughing so hard at the description of your students. I totally understand. I have such vivid memories of classes that were more than 20 years ago πŸ™‚ Windows and doors are my favorite things to take photos of!


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