Hit or Miss Restaurant Names in Korea

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Hit or Miss Restaurant Names in Korea…

Week 181 of  Travel Photo Thursday has arrived. Welcome! Over the past week of so I’ve come across a few very unique restaurant names. There’s one, or maybe two that I really like. A couple that make me shake my head, and one that I absolutely hate. You be the judge.


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On the way to the platform to catch my train. This could be a take on “Bobby Sox”, or maybe the Japanese “Bento Box”.


Food Kiosk, Seoul Station


Slunch…hands down my favorite!  Right next door to Bobby Sox, and it looks like their food offerings are similar. Love how this word rolls off my tongue!


Slunch Food Kiosk, Seoul Station


Walked by this one in Daejeon today…ewwwwwwwww


Shovel Chicken Restaurant

Shovel Chicken Restaurant, Daejeon


And finally we have…


Pearl Smack, Daejeon


I don’t know about you, but smack makes me think I’m either going to get swatted across the side of the head, or shot up with heroin! Neither one conjures up a pretty picture!

Which one is your favorite?


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  1. Well, those were certainly unique and amusing. I like Slunch a lot too 🙂 Is Shovel someone’s name? Asian places usually have some funny names. I’m just noticing how clean everything is on the background of the pictures. Wow.

  2. Hi Mary…Where I’m from if we said “He shoveled in his food.” it means that he ate really fast, and not at all complimentary!

  3. Very interesting. My son tells me that in the popular game Minecraft, you can cook chicken with a shovel. I wonder if they are referring to that? Slunch is my favorite name above. I would eat there.

    • Hi Michele, That could be it. I know nothing about Minecraft, but I think they would have had to come up with the name from somewhere. I can’t imagine that most Korean would even know the word shovel!

  4. Shovel chicken just doesn’t make the grade. Do you think Slunch is short for It’sLunch. Sounds like Aussie slang 🙂

    • Hi Jan. I’m with you. Maybe the owner of Slunch is a Korean who lived in Australia 🙂

  5. I love taking photos of signs like these. Slunch it is!!

    • Hi Jackie! Let’s all meet for Slunch! 🙂

  6. What fun names! yes I love Slunch too – Smack could be “smacking your lips together” because it was yummy!
    Have a great weekend

    • Hi Jill! I never thought of the smacking your lips together. Good one!

  7. I don’t know, I kind of like Pearl Smack – although I wouldn’t be surprised if they intended it to be Pearl Snack! Slunch is the best though. Shovel is just bad!

    • Hi Cindy. Definitely could be a misspelling on smack. That makes sense.

  8. Haha, I thought the same thing as Cindy above… that Pearl Smack is maybe supposed to be Snack. I love seeing funky English restaurant names and sayings in Asian countries!

    • Hi Anna! Yep, there is a never ending supply!

  9. A sure sign of too much wine with lunch: slunch. Suppose the smack was intended to be snack and someone got loop happy? Great post Nancie! Hope your storm has lessened.

  10. Haha Jackie! Can there ever be too much wine with lunch? Nice here today, but I think I’ll take the umbrella!

  11. LOL Shovel chicken is definitely my favorite. Makes me think they cook their chicken on a shovel… In French this would be “Poulet à la pelle”… and that even makes sense, somehow (“loads of chicken”) (^_^)

    • Poulet a la pelle sounds much better than shovel chicken 🙂

  12. I like Slunch – and think Jackie nailed it with too much alcohol.

    • Hi Leigh…I think Jackie is on the right wave length!

  13. I like Slunch. it sounds like a contraction of it’s lunch. What are you eating? ‘Slunch, of course!

  14. those are sooo funny, I love them all especially the Shovel Chicken, excellent

    • Noel…you can have my Shovel Chicken 🙂

  15. I think the “Shovel Chicken” sounds very funny! “Slunch” doesn’t sound very good, but it looks good. I’m often surprised by the names of restaurants everywhere 🙂

    • Hi Michelle. I’ve seen some strange restaurant names in my travels. Everyone has a different imagination!

  16. Slunch?! Makes me wonder what’s for slunch?! Lunch with a slurp? Lunch with a slurpee? 🙂

    • Hi Patti! I’ll take lunch with a slurpee; make it blueberry!

  17. LOVE these! I have real passion for international sign language too! -Veronica

    • Hi Veronica. Signs are so much fun. The stranger the better I say!

  18. It’s interesting that all the names start with an “s” and can’t help wondering if the same marketing expert(?) sold them these signs. He probably had a lisp or ill fitting false teeth and words came out sounding like slickin’ good slunch.

    • Hi Neva. Love your logic! 🙂

  19. In the outback of the Northern Territory, Australia we ate at an unexpectedly great Chinese restaurant called: Woks Up
    Fun restaurant names means you notice and remember them! 🙂

    • Hi Linda. That’s true, and Woks Up is fantastic!

  20. “Shovel chicken” gets my vote – it reminds me of my husband when he gets home from work and sees dinner on the table 🙂

    • Hi Michele. I take it he’s hungry! 🙂

  21. But I’ll bet people don’t easily forget the restaurant’s name!

    • Hi Carole. That’s true. At least for English speakers, I think most of these names would be memorable.

  22. Whoever said “It’s all in the name” hadn’t seen these! My favorite is Slunch because I picture a person slouching at the table eating lunch.

    • Hi Anita. Definitely, and here in Korea I can see someone slouched over slurping their noodles!

  23. They all sound so funny. But I bet they all have good food.

  24. Slunch…hahaha! You couldn’t even make this stuff up if you tried I think.

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