#TPThursday — January 17th, 2013 — Hello Kitty at Your Service In Chiang Mai

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday!  Chiang Mai’s old city is a maze of small side streets and lanes. Each one is a soi (like in soy milk). I am currently living on Thapae Gate Road Soi 2. They are used by locals and visitors alike to escape from the traffic of the busy streets. You also never know what you might during a random “soi stroll”; a cute restaurant in a garden setting, a store selling local goods, a pretty guesthouse. What I found on a stroll this week was none of these, but it made me laugh out loud. Have a look.


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Hello Kitty at Your Service in Chiang Mai




Would you ride in this?

If you missed last week’s Travel Photo Thursday; Chiang Mai’s Sunday Market Madness.

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  1. How cute! I would absolutely love riding this. I’ve always been a huge Sanrio fan and now my daughter has inherited that Hello Kitty collection. I miss riding these Asian transport systems. I remember riding similar version in the Philippines growing up and they were all decked out too. Hope you’re still having a wonderful stay in Chiang Mai.

    • Especially here in SEA, you just never know what you might be riding in from one day to the next. The transportation really is a big part of the adventure.

      Thanks, I am enjoying Chiang Mai. I’ve been lazy with the blog (what else is new) because I seem to be out everyday from early until late!

  2. If my younger daughter spotted it then I wouldn’t have much choice – we’d be riding the Hello Kitty bus!

    • I can see little girls being attracted to this, and maybe even big girls 🙂

  3. I’m sure it’s a pretty good marketing strategy. They must have won over more than a few customers who might have passed it by but decided that they had to ride the Hello Kitty Tuk Tuk!

    • I think you can tell from the photo that it was parked in front of a guest house. After I took the shot I looked around a bit, and found a sign written in Japanese. It seems this particular GH may cater to Japanese tourists. That makes Hello Kitty very appropriate!

  4. I would love to – just looking at it makes me laugh. I don’t think I would be successful in luring B.H. into it though.

  5. Sure, my daughter and I would ride it, but my boys might refuse. Actually, my oldest son would probably harp about the bus not paying licensing fees to use the copyrighted Hello Kitty character.

  6. I’d definitely ride in it though I might have to scream if scared. Very cute.

    • Leigh…You might be scared on the roads here in CM, and Hello Kitty might attract a lot of attention!

  7. Would I? Nope. I let out a silent scream every time I see Hello Kitty. The charm escapes me. But I might as well surrender, she’s everywhere in the world–as is Dora the Explorer, whom I like a lot more!

    • Vera, I am with you. I much prefer Dora the Elephant. The first time I ever say Hello Kitty was in Taiwan, and I almost fainted. Here was a grown man walking down the street wearing this T-Shirt with a huge “Hello Kitty” on the front. My eyes almost popped out of my head!

  8. Given the popularity of Hello Kitty, I’m actually surprised there aren’t more tuk tuks decorated like this around the world. It’s certainly a bit of fun to see but my days of Hello Kitty are well and truly over…until the grandkids arrive!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Chiang Mia..have you got long left before you return home?

  9. Oh I remember those being called tuk-tuk’s back when we were in Bangkok oh so many decades ago. Decided maybe in a small town but I don’t think I’d want to do it in big city traffic!

  10. That’s definitely not what I expected to see! Still, it’s quite cute.

  11. I know way too many bloggers that live in Chiang Mai! I’m actually considering moving to Bangkok in a couple years, but I guess I’ll have to start considering Chiang Mai as well? 😉

    And that hello Kitty rickshaw is just too funny!

    – Maria Alexandra

    • I’ve been coming to CM for years, Maria, and it has become more and more popular over the years. I like Bangkok as well, but prefer CM for its size and it is a lovely little city.

  12. We were amazed at Hello Kitty’s popularity in Asia. Little kids might like it in the States, but in Asia (at least China), it’s popular with girls young and old!

  13. That’s an adorable little ride! It’s always fun to find these unexpected gems.

  14. So cute! I’m not sure Bob would love being photographed in this but I wouldn’t mind it!

    • Jade, I think it’s more of a girl thing. However, in Asia…I can see Asian men going for this!

  15. Oh I would probably go for a ride in that cart but I have to say I’ve never really understood the fascination in Asia with Hello Kitty!

  16. That’s a cute tuk tuk 🙂 Must have been a nice ride.

  17. Totally! I love Hello Kitty!! 🙂

  18. I love this! I would totally like a ride in this one!
    In Cambodia I saw a batman tuktuk and everyday the driver would wear a different batman shirt. I like those kind of gimmicks

  19. This is so cute. I love Hello Kitty. And I love to ride on this one.

  20. Cutest tuktuk ever.
    I’d love to go out for ride in it!


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