#TP Thursday — December 13th, 2012 — Travel Countdown to Thailand is Officially ON !

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I’m sitting here finalizing students’ marks and trying to stop thinking that next week this time I will be in the air heading towards Bangkok. There is so much to do, and so little time! I thought I’d share a few of my Christmas shots from last year’s Thialand Christmas adventure. 

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Rudolph will soon be standing guard over the suitcase again. Even though he is 66 years old this Christmas, he won’t be retiring anytime soon. He’s been in my family for past 66 years and he still plays that famous tune 🙂


Psst..Santa...Rudolph is in Korea ,...


Last year I spent some time in Bangkok admiring all the beautiful decorations. It’s hard to believe that when I first visiting the city back in 2002, Christmas decorations were almost unheard of.  


Bangkok, All Decked Out for Christmas 2


Emporium Christmas Tree, Bangkok


Bangkok, All Decked Out for Christmas 1


Then it was off to Hua Hin for Christmas and to ring in 2012…




Ringing in 2012…

Hua Hin Countdown to 2012


I won’t be spending any time in Bangkok before Christmas, but I am anxious to see how Hua Hin will be “dressed up” this year, and to hear the carollers on Christmas Eve, and the music in the mall. Of course, turkey dinner is high on the list as well.

Have you ever spent Christmas in a tropical country?


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  1. These are such festive decorations! I love the return of Rudolph in your post and glad to hear he’s still growing strong. I grew up in the Philippines and Guam so all I knew were tropical style holidays. I have yet to experience Christmas with snow and I’m sure it’s magical. Have a wonderful trip to Thailand! Safe travels!

    • Thanks, Mary! Having grown up in a “winter country”, I would agree that you should experience a white Christmas at least once. It is magical. Have a great holiday!!

  2. 66 Years old and Rudolf has not aged at all. I live in Townsville and every year we have a hot Christmas 🙂 Love the Bangkok Blue tree.

  3. I love how Rudolph has been in the family for 66 years…very precious! It’s interesting how countries have changed with their decorations with more embracing the Xmas spirit. The hotel in Amman had a lot of decorations which surprised me and there were also a few in the streets of istanbul this year. I hope you have a fabulous Xmas in Hua Hin..enjoy the festivities Nancie

  4. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Christmas already! I wish that I could spend Christmas in a tropical country but we are always in either Toronto or Sudbury for the day itself. This year we’ll be in Sudbury in Northern Ontario so we are practically guaranteed a white Christmas but I’m looking forward to a getaway for New Year’s. I love your Rudolph – he’s so precious! The Bangkok photos are great too – it certainly looks like they have embraced the holiday.

  5. Rudolf is wonderful! I love Christmas traditions! I have some ornaments that my great grandmother made. Each year we remember her as we place her handicrafts on our tree.

    Hin Hua looks festive and beautiful, not what I expected. Love the blue tree!

  6. We just got our first big snowfall, so it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Minnesota. A couple of years ago, we did spend Christmas on a cruise in the Caribbean. It felt different to be in tropical weather, but nice to be away.

  7. I’ve spent Christmas in Belize – in a tent with biting insects while kayaking. Not one of our better ones. Also have done the Amazon jungle at Christmas – interesting but thank my lucky stores I wasn’t born in a jungle. This year staying close to home and skiing at Lake Louise.

  8. Love the decorations. It’s amazing to hear that things have changed so much in 10 years!

  9. Sorry, I hit Send before I answered your question. I have, it’s definitely a different experience. We used to put lights on the trees we had in our front yard. But mostly, it was about food and family. We never exchanged gifts. Children got toys, clothes or books. When I was growing up, we’d go house to house and sing carols in the early mornings until Christmas Day and there’d always be a concert — a reenactment of the Christmas story at church.
    Things have changed somewhat. Christmas decorations started going up at the mall near me since Thanksgiving weekend!

  10. has it already been a year? I believe I remember that panda photo from last year!

  11. 66 Year old Rudolf still looks very young 🙂 Can’t get enough of seasonal photos. Love the Christmas. Happy holidays!

  12. carolers in Thailand? That’s really cool! Thanks for the morning smile, I love Christmas decorations 😀

    – Maria Alexandra

  13. Our favorite Christmas of all the 32 we’ve spent together was in Thailand – we are so envious and looking forward to reading of your travels.

  14. Never spent Christmas in a tropical country. I think it would feel very strange not to have snow 🙂

  15. This will be our first year experiencing a tropical Christmas, and the first time I haven’t returned home for the holidays in my entire adult life. I like your 66 year old Rudolph and now wish I had brought some our our traditional keepsakes with us to Malaysia. The malls here are decked out for Christmas, but you don’t really see decorations elsewhere.

  16. Trying again – For some reason I can’t post from my other computer. . .

    I always plat to travel over Christmas, but usually don’t get organized enough! I feel for your trying to get ready to head out.

    Best wishes and safe travels. I’ll be looking for this year’s holiday pictures.

  17. Rudolph and I are the same age, but he sure looks less worse for wear than I do!

  18. Love Christmas traditions and an antiquated Rudolf fits the bill entirely! I have some ageing Christmas tree decorations, but they’re not yet that vintage 🙂

  19. No, I haven’t spent Christmas in a tropical location, but from your pics it looks like there’s still plenty of holiday spirit. I think the ideal situation for me is to spend Christmas in the snow and then go tropical for New Year’s!

  20. What a cheerful Christmas series, Nancie. Looking foward to reading your coming posts from Thailand.


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