Through the Sandbox Lens #41 — A Prague Street Performer

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Here I am in Prague, and the camera is working overtime. If yesterday’s comments at Travel Photo Thursday are any indication, there is LOTS of interest in this beautiful city. I took this shot yesterday when I was wandering through the old town. I had been told the day before, by a local, that until very recently street performers had to pay for a license to perform. The government has now eliminated licensing, so more and more are venturing out onto the streets.

This guy was excellent. It  always amazes me how someone can stand still for so long without moving a muscle. He was also very gracious when I gave him some change; smiling, bowing, and shaking my hand.

Prague Street Performer

I think street performers can really add to the flavor and atmosphere of a city. And of course, for a very small donation (if you want) they provide affordable entertainment to both travelers and locals!  What do you think?

This is my contribution to Friday Daydreamin” at RWeThereYetMom? and Photo Friday at Delicousbaby.


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  1. I agree – my 8 year old, in particular, loves street performers! It’s difficult to drag her away when she finds one that she likes!

    • Yes, kids seem to be drawn to them. I watched a little girl dancing and having a great time listening to a street band.


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