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Welcome to the 226th edition (07/05/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. Summer is five weeks away, and for me it is one of transition. I may in Korea in September, maybe not. I have known for awhile that what it does mean is that there may not be any great travel adventures this coming summer. However, I know that this is just a temporary blip. If I could/can travel this summer, this where you would find me.

The first place…drum roll please (and as if you haven’t guessed) Nova Scotia to see my DAD…when I talk to him these days there seems to be an elephant in the room. I want to say I will see you this summer, but I know (at least at the moment) that I can’t. Here is a gorgeous Nova Scotia shot that I dug out from my archives…

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LaHave River at sunset…


Lahave Sunset


If you’re ever in Nova Scotia, head to the south shore and take the cable ferry across the LaHave River. It’s a unique ride with some fab views.

Then, for something completely different I’d head to Budapest. The last time I was there they were having a blistering heatwave. In fact, on one of the days the city boasted the highest temperature anywhere in the world! Hopefully, it would be a wee bit cooler this time. I want to enjoy the hot spring bathes, and just wander through this city with its rough around the edges charm. I’d also make the time to see some other part of Hungary. I know that they have a thriving wine industry, which I would love to explore.




Those are my summer travel dreams. What are yours?

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  1. Hi Nancie, I keep my fingers cross for you that you get to do both of your travel wishes this summer. I really hope you can go home to NS to see your Dad. A return trip in Hungary would be nice as well. I’d love to return there myself and like you I’d like to visit the wine country and do some hiking.

    • Hi Marisol. Thanks so much! Sorry for the slow response, but last week was a busy week. I have had a job offer, which I have accepted. Just waiting for the official letter now. There is a move to Seoul in my summer plans. Getting rid of my current apartment and the move will probably keep me busy this summer, but probably not a lot of travel. However, I am happy to have a job 🙂

  2. My summer dreams are numerous. To resume, let me say I would do a big road trip along the Pacific Coast (California to Washington) or circling the Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah or around Texas. I would like to visit Europe too but maybe in the late summer.

    • Hi Ruth! Your plans sound great. I’ve only seen a bit of California and that was years ago. I’ve been to Washington State a few times, and loved what I saw. Europe is always fantastic!

  3. I like your summer dreams Nancie, Budapest is a favourite place of mine. This summer we’re heading off on another Eastern European roadtrip, this time to Poland. I’m not sure it’ll be as spectacular as the Balkans that I’ve just linked up, but still exciting all the same as it’ll be a new country for me (my 63rd!)

    • Hi Phoebe…I just read your Balkan post, and the scenery is jaw dropping. Your ahead of me in countries. I think I’m at 43!

  4. There are so many places to dream about, Nancie, that I couldn’t possibly list them all. We do plan on spending most of the summer in England, Scotland, and then maybe over to the southern Eastern Europe. We’ll see!

    • Hi Corinne. England and Scotland will be nice. How can you go wrong anywhere in Europe, eh?

  5. I just want quality getaway time with my family. Last year we did the big Europe trip, so I think we will be staying closer to home and road-tripping this summer. But hopefully I will find new things to appreciate about the good old USA!

    • Hi Eileen…there is certainly lots to do in the US!

  6. Nova Scotia would be a beautiful place to visit during Summer. I guess I’m on my pre-Summer holiday at the moment, having just cruised Mexico and the Caribbean. However if I were to travel again this Summer I would love to see Italy.

    • Hi Kathy…you can’t go wrong with Italy. One of my favorite countries, and it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

  7. Both of these destinations look great. I am planning to spend most of my summer exploring my home province of Manitoba (with a possible short jaunt or two to Vancouver to visit my daughter). More serious travel is planned for the fall, with hopefully England on the list.

    • Hi Donna. Sounds like fun. I was in Winnipeg once for a conference and really enjoyed the city. I’d love to go back sometime and see more of the province.

  8. These are great shots but it’s always fun to get new perspectives of old places 🙂

    • Hi Betty! I so agree. There is always something new to explore.

  9. Everything that you’ve ever shown me about Nova Scotia and Halifax has always seemed so pretty, that it makes me want to go there, too. Add in the fact that your dad is there, and I can see why it’s such a big draw for you. I’ve never been to Budapest, but hubby has been there a few times on weekends during business trips elsewhere in Hungary. I want to go with him some day. This summer, we’re finally taking a trip to Yellowstone that we’ve delayed twice now. It’s so exciting that we’re actually getting to go (as far as I know).

    • Hi Michelle! Yellowstone would be a great trip. Nova Scotia is a beautiful part of the world. If you do get there, you won’t be disappointed.

  10. Keeping my fingers crossed that both those dream destinations become summer realities, Nancie. I guess we will be Kirkland homebodies this summer as I think we’ve ‘shot our wad’ with our current adventure. Sometimes home is fine though as well!

  11. My travel dream is Asia, and I’m doing it! I leave next month for Hong Kong, then Japan, then Korea. Yay!

  12. Those are two of my dream summer travel spots, too. I was lucky enough to be in Nova Scotia last June and loved it. And of course, Budapest is one of my fave cities! Sorry you won’t be able to go there this summer. I know those visits with your dad are special times.

  13. For me, every new summer is new time for the explore Greece secrets! 🙂


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