Seoul’s Urban Gardens: A Photo Essay

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Seoul’s urban gardens pop up all over the city in the spring. At least that’s what I call the tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) patches of flowers you’ll find in almost every neighborhood in the city this time of the year. Welcome to week 325 (4/20/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. Sorry for being late this week. I’m in midterm exam mode, and on top of that, I jammed my finger in my front gate last night…OUCH. It’s tricky typing without that finger. You can see the damage on my Facebook feed. Now onto the good stuff, pretty photos of Seoul’s urban gardens.

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All of these shots were taken between Itaewon Subway Station, Line 6, and my apartment in Haebangcheon (about a 25-minute walk). I came out of exit 2 and walked straight. I think shot shows perfectly how no space is ever wasted.


Seoul's Urban Gardens


I boogied across the street as soon as the light changed. (Hint: never dawdle when you’re crossing the street. Korean drivers jump lights whenever they can.). I turned left and headed down towards my hood. This cute patch fronting a favorite cafe was impossible to miss or resist. I think those are blue hydrangeas peeking out. Correct me if I’m wrong.




We have another coffee shop tilling the soil about five minutes away.  Not too much color here yet, but I’m going to keep a watch on this one. I think there’s loads of colorful potential here, and I love the bench.




I took the elevator and the overpass and headed straight up the road into my neighborhood. When you cross, take the elevator back down to street level and walk straight. You’ll end up on a narrowish back road which is a pleasant and stress-free stroll to my place. Take the main road only if you are a kamikaze warrior with a death wish. This little rainbow patch is hidden among some azalea bushes in front of a nondescript apartment building.




Just a few steps from my apartment we have a beautiful orange-red tree losing its blossoms in an April blossom shower; so pretty!




For one last photo, I am taking you back up the hill to Noksapyeong Station where behind exit 2 is my favorite lilac tree in the city. Every morning lately I have stood underneath the purple blooms breathing in their delicious scent before heading down into the bowels of the subway to head to work.

I would love to show you more, but trying to type with a bandaged finger is not easy. I hope you enjoyed this tour of Seoul’s urban gardens. Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Spring is so joyful in a Country that has a cold winter. The gardeners certainly are a creative lot and I love the blossoms underfoot. Can’t see the lilac tree though. You have Marty and my sympathies on the finger.

  2. Sometimes the clamor and concrete of a city get to me – especially the older I get – and I find that the urban garden spaces really help me with that. Lovely photos! And I’m excited for my first visit to Seoul in a few weeks!

    • Hi, Jill. I know what you mean and especially in a big city like Seoul. If you have time while you’re here, please touch base with me. Maybe we can grab coffee or lunch. You can email me at [email protected].

  3. Ah, I finally got to your blog – sorry, I had no way of replying to you, since your blog is not displayed on your gravatar. Beautiful gardens!

    • Hi, Jesh. Welcome! I’ll have to check out my Gravatar. I thought the blog address was there. Thanks for the alert. Glad you enjoyed Seoul’s Urban Gardens. #TPThursday

  4. Sorry to hear about your finger. It did look nasty. Your flower photos a very pretty.

    • Hi, Kathy and thanks. I was howling when it happened, but it seems to be healing up fast. I did have stitches or something that the doctor used to glue it back together.

      I’m happy that you enjoyed Seoul’s Urban Gardens. #TPThursday

  5. It’s been so very cold, wet and grey this winter – how I long for some of these spring colours to pop up in my my very un-springlike neighborhood!

    • Hi, Jane. There’s nothing like spring flowers. They start early here when compared to a lot of places. In Nova Scotia (my home) we’re lucky if we have flowers by May or June.

  6. Love all the colorful blooms! It’s always a joy to see these urban gardens especially during Spring. Sorry about your finger. Hope it heals fast and soon.

    • Hi, Mary. Yes, the flowers are like a shot of happy medicine. Finger is doing okay, but looks like I have a couple more visits to the doctor for dressing changes and typing is still clumsy.

  7. So much color and I’m sure after a cold winter they all make you feel that Spring is on it’s way! I love those deep blue flowers with the dashes of red in your 2nd photo. Take care of your finger and power your way through those exams. You should have a break coming up fairly soon, right? You deserve it!

    • Semester ends mid-June, and I am out of here for Canada on August 8th. First Indy (the cat) and I will be in Vancouver visiting a friend. We fly to Halifax on August 22nd, and fingers crossed that I can close the condo the next day and move in! Times are a changing! 🙂

  8. These are all pretty. To me, the more colors the better. We have had a bloom of flowers here in Southern California. It feels great to walk or drive around and admire all the flowers (even weeds have pretty flowers). #TPThursday

    • Hi, Ruth. I agree! There can never be too many flowers.

  9. What a beautiful garden tour and even with that finger injury! (It looked bad on FB). Sorry I am late again, this week’s excuse was house guests and cat crisis’s. . .loved this beautiful tour though. Isn’t it nice to have blooms . . .finally!!??

  10. Hi, Jackie. Yes, the flowers make me happy. Finger is okay, but do have to go back to the doctor at least twice more to have the dressing changed. I can’t believe how clumsy the typing is, and try to put on make-up with your left hand. Now that is fun! 🙂

  11. Lovely photos! I like that they put in the effort to beautify an urban place. It certainly makes the stroll back home much more enjoyable doesn’t it. I’m surprised that my potted hydrangea survived the Texas winter (barely below freezing). I had given it up for dead, but then it came back to life. I am hoping it will bloom soon. I hope your finger feels better quickly. Looks painful.

  12. Beautiful! I’m back from a way too long blogging hiatus and was browsing my archives back to Travel Photo Thursdays. Great memories. I’ll try to join back in as I’m getting more active on my blog again 🙂

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